Best Fragrances for Teenagers and Young Adults

Best Fragrances for Teenagers and Young Adults

The Best Fragrances For Teenagers and Young Adults


Readers of the Perfume Price blog who are slightly older know how challenging it is to buy a perfume or a fragrance for the first time.


When I was young, celebrities such as David Beckham and Ariana Grande didn’t release their own perfumes. Things have changed. Many celebs are releasing fragrances.


In many ways, I think it helps when it comes to buying your first fragrance.


Anyway, before I dive into this topic, I thought I share a personal story with you.


My Natural Scent Journey


I learned about fragrances from my grandma.


She was an industrious lady who always had a project or two on the go.


Her garden was enormous. It seemed to contain every plant, flower and herb you could imagine.


Many people grow flowers for their colour. Not my grandma, she grew plants for their scent. I am not sure where she learned her craft, but she knew how to distil and extract oils.


I spent countless hours in her kitchen “dismantling” herbs and flowers. Anyway, it was from her I learned about scents and fragrances.


The essential oils she extracted were always made into lotions and potions. In summer, she produced a range of natural scents.


As a result, I did not buy my first perfume until I was eighteen. Let me tell you what happened.


Buying My First Perfume


At the time, we did not have the benefit of online perfume shopping.


Instead, when you wanted to buy perfume, you had to venture to a perfumery or chemist-style store like Boots or Superdrug.


Anyway, I had always wanted to buy a branded perfume. My nan and I had tried various perfumes over the years. She was a big fan of classic brands such as Chanel and Dior.


When I ventured out to buy my first perfume, I wanted to try something different. I spent ages subjecting my nose to different perfumes.


It was easy for me to pick out the notes in the perfumes. I liked Chanel and Dior but I felt I wanted something more exotic.


After a while, I came across Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. It was the most exotic fragrance I had ever encountered. It did not take me long to decide Opium by YSL was the right choice for me.


I picked up a gift set containing a body lotion and a 50ml bottle of perfume.


Was it the right fragrance for me? No, not at all - we all make buying mistakes. But, this was definitely when my professional fragrance journey started. My grandma had given me a fantastic grounding. I could pick out the scent of almost any essential oil.


Perfume Buying Advice For Young Teens and Adults


Doing research online is a great idea. But, if you are not sure what scents (smells) you like, it is a good idea to try perfumes in a store. Prices may be higher than online, however, you can go home and order the perfume you like.


Consider the occasion. When are you going to wear the perfume? You may not want to wear the same perfume going out with your friends as when you go for Sunday dinner with your family.


Don’t spray the perfume on your skin right away. Most shops have strips of paper on which you can spray the perfume.


Bring a friend along. When you buy your first perfume, you need as much buying advice as possible.


If you don’t like a perfume, make a note. I always tell first-time buyers to create photo albums in their phone’s photo gallery of perfumes they like and dislike.


The same goes for when you like a perfume. Snap a photo or download an image from the Internet.


What Is An EDT and What Is An EDP?


Your first purchase will likely be an EDT or EDP.


EDP stands for eau de parfum. It is slightly lower in essential fragrance when compared to a pure perfume.


EDT is short for eau de toilette. It is also less concentrated than pure perfume. The good thing about an EDT is that it lasts longer on your skin or hair.


Let’s take a look at my buying guide for the best fragrances for young adults. We are starting with fragrances for young male adults.


Best Fragrances For Teenagers and Young Adults


Sauvage by Dior


You may have seen Sauvage adverts on TV featuring Johnny Depp, his guitar and a pack of wolves. Slightly cheesy adverts but Sauvage is a good scent for young adult men.


This is a masculine scent with woody notes and deeper aspects. At the same time, Sauvage offers freshness thanks to the addition of lemon.


There is a complete range of different variations. For young adults, I would recommend the original Sauvage cologne.


Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch


This is another woody and aromatic fragrance for men. It comes in a great-looking bottle which embraces the scent.


Fierce is slightly sexier than Sauvage but has floral notes. If you only want to buy one scent, Fierce is a good choice as it offers floral notes.


It has long-lasting qualities which means you don’t need to worry about topping it up too often. Great fragrance for nights out.


Invictus by Paco Rabanne


Invictus is somewhat spicier when compared to the other two fragrances. Another aspect of this scent is that it offers more freshness.


It contains the essential oil of mandarin which is a much fresher smelling oil than orange essential oil. As a finish, it offers leather and a fragrance called patchouli. The combination makes Invictus more masculine.


Cool Water By Davidoff


As the name implies, Cool Water is an aquatic fragrance. That does not mean it contains more water than other colognes.


An aquatic cologne is often fresher and has a broader spectrum. Cool Water is at home on nights out and going out for dinner with your family.


Personally, I think it is more refined and sophisticated compared to the other scents I have mentioned.


Voyage by Nautica


I like the addition of essential oil of Lotus in this fragrance. Although it is a musky fragrance, it has soft properties.


Another benefit of lotus is that it lasts for a long time. This means your fragrance lasts for longer once you have applied.


The general tone of this fragrance is fresh and fruity. Musk and amber make Voyage masculine and oakmoss makes it sophisticated.


Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche


Drakkar Noir is different from the other fragrances. It is warmer and more powerful. You will notice it sort of explodes out of the bottle.


A much more adult fragrance which stays fresh thanks to lemon and mandarin essential oils.


A little goes a long way. A good fragrance for nights out and rather seductive.


Tommy Now by Tommy Hilfiger


Ginger has been added to this fragrance. If you have ever eaten ginger, you know it is warming and slightly spicy.


The same thing goes for when you add it to a fragrance. That does not mean Tommy Now is too spicy. It is a very fresh scent. I would say it is a young scent which works well for young adults.


Your friends, and the girls, will instantly notice it.


Versace Man by Versace


Versace Man is perhaps better for slightly older young adults. If you have just started a job in an office environment, Versace Man is a good fragrance.


It is refined and sophisticated, more subtle than the other ones we mentioned. Versace Man offers a rich smokiness thanks to its bottom notes.


A fragrance which transitions well between night and day.


Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

If you are going to the pub or a club, you need a sharper fragrance.


Boss Bottled is just such a fragrance. It has an edge that you don’t get in many other fragrances.


Perhaps not the sort of fragrance you wear to work. But, it is certainly a great fragrance for nights out when you want to stand out. Just remember not to put on too much.


Instinct by David Beckham


Another masculine and slightly sexy fragrance. As it is more subtle thanks to its fresh notes, Instinct makes a good scent for daytime wear.


It offers white amber which has a softer note than other musky essences.


Sport by Dior


A great fragrance for when doing sport or going to the gym, It is very fresh with masculine notes including amber and wood.


As it has a spicy component, it also lasts for longer and is more noticeable. Also, fun for going out after work.


Best Fragrances For Young Women


I have talked about fragrances for young men. It is time to switch to fragrances for young women.


When I worked in London, I noticed that many young ladies like to carry their perfume with them. It was a precious object.


Many of them knew they wanted to smell nice but did not want to smell “old.”

I am using the word old as this is what they said when they asked me about perfume.


When I was a personal shopper, I helped many young ladies with their early perfume and cosmetic purchases. I loved it and we had a great time together.


Compared to young men, young ladies find it easier to communicate about perfume and cosmetics. It is just the way of the world.


I think there are a few brands that have a lot to offer. My go-to favourites are Marc Jacobs, Nina Ricci, Dior, DKNY and Viktor & Rolf.


Unlike with the best fragrances for young adult males, I am not going to go into the aspects of every single scent. I know that most young ladies are pretty good at choosing a scent.


Let me come up with some suggestions.


Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs is a fantastic brand offering beautiful fragrances.


If I was a teen or in my 20s, I would take a look at the following offerings from Marc Jacobs.

Daisy is a good start. After that, you have Perfect, fresh and Honey. I would also put Dream, So Sweet and Daisy Love on my list.


Marc Jacobs also offers a perfume called Intense. This is not really a daytime fragrance but it is lovely. I would opt for Intense if I was in my 20s and going out for the night.


Just a thought girls - Marc Jacobs Intense makes a great Mother’s Day gift. It is slightly stronger in fragrance which makes it the perfect daytime wear for ladies of a certain age.


Okay, I confess, I am wearing it right now.


Can I also say I LOVE Marc Jacobs's body lotions. It is rich in moisturiser and does not dry out the skin. Look out for gift sets! Excellent value for money.


Nina Ricci


Nina by Nina Ricci is another nice fragrance. It is slightly more intense but if you want a daytime perfume for the office, it is a great option.


It is also a seductive fragrance for nights out.




DKNY is a modern brand with many great fragrances.


On this occasion, I would recommend Delicious Fresh Bloom. The fragrance is long-lasting and drifts around like a white fluffy cloud.


Although floral, it is also fresh which makes it feel more adult. A good enduring scent which is easy to wear.


Viktor & Rolf


Have you tried Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf?


Another great scent packed with youthful notes. At the same time, it is vibrant offering a hint of spice from rosebuds. If you have ever smelt a rosebud, you know it smells peppery and sweet at the same time.


Flowerbomb is also a feminine fragrance which wears well during the daytime.


Final Thoughts


Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different fragrances and find out which one is right for you.

Create a couple of albums on your phone to make sure you buy the right perfume.


And girls, remember what I said about body lotions? They are a great way of increasing the intensity of your fragrance and making sure it lasts for longer.















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