How To Choose A Perfume for Someone Else

How To Choose A Perfume for Someone Else

10 Tops Tips On How To Choose A Perfume for Someone Else


Choosing a perfume for someone else is challenging. Even with many years of experience in the industry, I often find choosing a perfume for someone is not easy.


Because of my experience with fragrances, skincare and perfumes, my friends expect me to be an authority. I always do my best to guide them in the right direction when buying perfume for someone.


Let me share my top 10 tips which are handy to know when you buy perfume as a gift.


Top 10 Tips For Choosing A Fragrance For Someone


1 What Fragrance Do They Wear?


If you know the person reasonably well, you probably know what perfume or fragrance brand they like to wear.


Does that mean you should buy their regular perfume?


Buying their regular perfume is probably the easiest choice. However, it does not mean it is the right one. Why not help them discover a new fragrance?


At the moment, I am going through a Marc Jacobs phase. As I am writing this, I am wearing Marc Jacobs Perfect. As a fragrance, it works well during the day and the night.


The main notes you pick up on are slightly woody with green undertones. The fragrance is rich and fresh at the same time.


If the person you are buying for like this combination, you can choose a perfume which offers the same tones but is slightly different.


Miss Dior and Paloma Picasso Perfume offer similar fragrance experiences.


2 Matching Their Personality


Matching their personality is another idea you can try.


People with larger-than-life personalities often like more intense almost mystical scents.


For the ladies, that would be something like Black Opium by YSL. This is a fragrance which stands out in a crowd.


If you are buying a fragrance for a man, Carolina Bad Boy is a good choice. Look out for box gift sets for this fragrance.


A lighter perfume for men is Givenchy Gentleman. From the same brand, you have Eau de Givenchy for the ladies.


3 Let Your Nose Decide


If your friend has complimented you on your choice of perfume, you can buy the same perfume or a similar one.


Caroline Herrera Good Girl is a popular range which often gets compliments from other ladies.

There is plenty to choose from in the range.


You have Good Girl Supreme and then you also have Goof Girl Legere. If you are looking for an evening choice from this Carolina Herrera, why not try Good Girl Glam?


Carolina Herrera also makes men’s fragrances. Top choices include C.H. for Men. For a more playful men’s fragrance from Carolina Herrera, you can always rely on 212 Heroes.


In general, if you know the person you are buying has complimented on your perfume, they will likely like the same or similar fragrance you do.


4 Go Beyond The Perfume


Buying a bottle of perfume is okay, but sometimes it is nice to go that extra mile.


I think that buying box sets is a great idea. That way, you get the chance to gift an overall experience.


Many box sets contain a body lotion and maybe even a shower gel. These precious extras help to enhance the fragrance experience.


Also, if you know a person who likes a particular range of skincare such as Clinique, maybe you should buy something from that brand.


Clinique fragrances are often overlooked. It is a shame as the brand makes some fantastic fragrances.


Elixir from Clinique does what it says on the bottle - it can help to perk your mood up if you are feeling down. Happy is a summer and spring scent from the same brand.


For men, I don’t think you can go wrong with Calvin Klein Aqua and Jimmy Choo Blue is an excellent gift set if you are lucky enough to find it. This gift set often sells out quickly.


5 Perfume Experiences


Okay, I love gift sets or box perfume sets as they are also called.


When I get the opportunity to buy a fragrance I like as part of a gift set, I always choose this option.


Instead of only getting a fragrance to spray or dab on, you get an overall experience. I love the immersive feeling of a body lotion in the same fragrance.


Buying a box set, or a perfume and body lotion at the same time, enhances the fragrance and makes it last longer. Great for when you are at work all day or out at night.


6 Lifestyle Choices


If you can, try to compliment the lifestyle of the person you are buying for.


When your friend works as a member of an airplane cabin crew, you don’t want to buy them a fragrance which is too “invasive.”


What do I mean by that? The perfume should be right for the circumstances. When you work with the public, you don’t want your fragrance to invade someone else’s space.


Almost anything from Chloe is a good choice. Also, consider Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. You can this is an “easy-to-wear” choice.


A good choice for men is Carolina Herrera 212 and Calvin Klein Aqua. Burberry Hero is another fragrance worth considering.


7 Age Group


Should you consider the age of the person?


The answer is yes. As we age, the way we experience fragrances changes.


Women who have gone through the menopause almost always change their perfume. They often say their old fragrance has “stopped smelling.”


Whether this is true or not, it is a fact that this happens. Go for stronger scents including Opium Black and something from Elia Saab such as Le Parfum. Samsara from Guerlain is another recommendation I like to make. This fragrance has excellent staying power or what some call endurance.


Men of a certain age appreciate more refined perfumes. I don’t think you can beat Hermes as a brand. It is sophistication and maturity in a bottle. One of the best men’s fragrances from Hermes is Basilic.


From the same brand, you also have Pure Parfum which is simply divine.


Bvlgari is often overlooked when it comes to buying perfume for more mature men. The brand offers a fantastic range.


The most popular choices are Givenchy Gentleman and perhaps Jimmy Choo. But honestly, I think you simply can’t beat Hermes or Bvlgari.


8 What’s The Occasion?


Does the occasion matter?


I think the occasion matters. When you are buying for a special birthday, you want to splash out a bit more.


If your girlfriend is celebrating a special birthday, maybe her 50th or 60th, buy a special perfume - something she can talk about and remember for a long time.


You want to make sure the bottle looks as good as the perfume itself. On such occasions, I think it is best to turn to one of the top brands.


Guerlain Shalimar is a beautiful fragrance and it comes in a classic bottle. Once the perfume is gone, you can leave the bottle sitting on your dresser - it looks amazing. This is a feminine scent that lasts for a long time. You don’t need to put on a lot when you look after the perfume.


Another good choice is Givenchy L'Interdit. If you come across a Givenchy L'Interdit box set, pick it up without hesitation.


This is a very chic fragrance and is packed with top-quality notes including tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom. The addition of vetiver and patchouli gives L'Interdit depth.


More sophisticated perfumes reflect the confidence we feel as we get older. Most of us like to make a statement. Maybe even shout out I am who I am.


Top brands have picked up on this and have put together more exquisite blends.


The same thing is true of men’s fragrances. If you are buying for a man celebrating a special occasion, opt for one of the top brands.


Bvlgari Men in Black is a great choice. Cartier Declaration is another 5-star rated men’s fragrance which is perfect for the discerning gentleman.


Don’t underestimate Dior Fahrenheit. It is deliciously fragrant and a serious mood booster.


If you don’t know the gent very well, you can always rely on the Montblanc. Choose from Legend and Explorer ranges and you can’t go wrong. Many men associate Montblanc with sophistication.


Polo from Ralph Lauren is not a bad choice. Green Eau de Toilette from Ralph Lauren is a masculine fragrance with an air of sophistication.


9 Colors Influence On Our Life


I have noticed that colour has a huge influence on how we feel.


We know that colour therapy can help enhance our mood. But, can the colour we like influence the perfume we wear?


When you shop for perfume, this is perhaps something you should think about before you click the buy button.


Those who like to wear dark colours, often like to wear more sensual and exotic perfumes.

Next time, you come across a person try to figure out if you can identify what fragrance notes they like to wear.


You don’t have to identify the specific fragrance, just see if you can figure out the notes. Are they floral or more sensual?


People who like wearing bright or light colours often wear floral or citrusy fragrances. If you are thinking about buying that person a fragrance for their birthday, aim for a perfume with floral and light notes.


Someone who wears dark colours including black, purple and dark blue often likes more intense fragrances. They like to be noticed but they let their perfume do the talking instead of their clothes.


Interestingly enough someone who wears a lot of purple often likes woody and mysterious notes. Elie Saab is an excellent choice along with Mugler and the Opium range from Yves Saint Laurent.


10 Hobbies and Sports


People with hobbies and who are into sports like to smell fresh.


If your friend has a particular hobby, consider it. For instance, if your friend is a classic car or motorbike fan, something close to his heart will resonate with him.


The Diesel range works well. When it comes to Harley Davidson owners, you can’t go wrong with Bad Boy from Carolina Herrera. Whether they are a solicitor with a Harley or a born-to-be-wild character, they love the name of the fragrance as much as they like the scent itself.


Giorgio Armani makes excellent fresh-smelling scents including Acqua di Gio. Another choice is Boss Bottled from Hugo Boss. A popular gift set choice for men who like sport. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Forever should also be on your shopping list.


I always put on a fragrance before I hit the gym. Clinique Happy Eau de Parfum is a good choice for yoga class.


For more intense or longer workouts, I like Dolce Gabbana Light Blue for Women.


David Off Cool Water is another perfume I have seen women use before and after a workout. There is no doubt about it - it is nice.


If you can try to find a body lotion in the same fragrance or compliment your fragrance with a body lotion, it is a good idea to add it to your gym kit. As your body temperature increases, your lotion will release even more fragrance.


Final Thoughts


We haven’t talked about budget.


Needless to say, we all have to work within our finances. There is plenty of choice of good quality fragrances that deliver when you are buying perfume on a budget. Remember that better brands offer better base ingredients. This means they last longer.


Take your time and try to do your best to take as many of these points into consideration as you can before you buy.


It may even be a good idea to make a short list of everything you know about the person you are buying before. That way, you have a backup when it comes to making the final choice.


When you think about it, you probably know more about this person than you realise. Everything you know helps you to choose a perfume when buying for someone else.
















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