The Best Men's Summer Fragrances

The Best Men's Summer Fragrances

The Best Men’s Summer Fragrances


Are you set for summer?


When it comes to summer fragrances for men, there are three factors to consider.


You need a nice men’s summer fragrance for hot summer days at home. Also, you probably need another fragrance for work during summer.


If you are planning on taking a holiday in a hot country, you need a scent that travels well. In other words, it needs to be up for those hot Mediterranean nights.


Ideally, you should have at least three different fragrances for the summer season.

When Should You Buy Summer Fragrances?


The best time to buy your summer fragrances is in May or June. When you buy your summer fragrances before the season kicks off in earnest, they should last all summer.


In the UK, the warmer weather normally lasts from July through to the middle of September. Occasionally, the UK gets an Indian summer in October.


However, if you count on your fragrances lasting for about three months, you have probably timed it right.


Remember that if you go to summer weddings, you may want to buy a special men’s fragrance.


What Fragrance Notes To Look Out For


What fragrance notes and accords should you look out for?


In summer, you certainly need stronger accords. Pink pepper is a good tone for the summer. It is one of those fragrances that comes into its own in hotter weather. You can say it is both spicy and fresh at the same time.


Also, look out for fresher notes including citrus and mint nuances. Floral notes add a touch of softness and romance.


Green notes work well. Don’t forget to look out for aquatic notes - they are very refreshing.


Look After Your Fragrance


During the summer, it is critical you don’t put your cologne in the sun.


UV rays from the sun deteriorate the quality of your fragrance. Before you know it, the scent has changed in nature. You may not be able to pick up the more subtle notes. The stronger more intense accords take over.


Heat alone can damage your fragrance. It heats the essential oils and breaks their molecule chains. Make sure you store your fragrance at an ambient temperature.


Let’s take a look at the men’s fragrances for the summer.


The Best Men’s Summer Fragrances


Green by Coach


Although Green by Coach launched last summer, it is only now coming into its own.


What makes Green work as a summer fragrance?


I read a recent Green review which claimed the fragrance is wet. I thought it was an odd way of describing a scent so I couldn’t wait to try it. Without hesitation, I headed for the nearest perfumery.


Is Green a wet fragrance? I don’t think so. In my opinion, it is luscious and fresh. I love the addition of kiwi accords which seems to make the bergamot in the fragrance stand out.


All of the freshness and lusciousness is interrupted by herbal notes from rosemary. Geranium has been added to spice things up before the fragrance finishes with moss and cedarwood accords.


This is a great fragrance for the daytime. It offers freshness and a few spicy notes perfect for warmer days.


Royal Water by Creed


Royal Water is a holiday perfume with distinction. When travelling abroad for a summer holiday this fragrance is a must. A great cologne to add to your toiletries bag.

What does Royal Water smell like?


You probably wonder what makes Royal Water by Creed a great holiday men’s fragrance.


The fragrance is packed with Mediterranean citrus fruits accords making it super fresh. Cutting through this, you find two strong spices - cumin and Jamaican pepper. Both are capable of cutting through the hot night air.

Cedarwood and natural musk provide a backdrop which soothes the more intense tones. Royal Water is a great fragrance for men of all ages.


Is Royal Water sexy? Cumin is a warm essential oil adding sexiness and masculinity to this fragrance.


It is hard to believe this fragrance was first launched in 1997. Royal Water is certainly a scent which has moved with the times. An excellent choice for summer.


Dior Homme Sport


Dior Homme Sport even sounds summery. Is it a summery fragrance?


Yes, it is. Perhaps it isn’t a great choice for hot summer nights, but Sport is a fantastic daytime fragrance.


What does Dior Homme Sport smell like?


I read a Sport review on Reddit. Do I agree with the reviewer? Yes, I do. Just like the other reviewer, I believe Sport is an underestimated fragrance for men.


What does Dior Sport smell like? The nose behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy. He is one of the most experienced noses in the industry.


Together with Dior, he created Sport which was launched in 2022. The top notes come from fresh lemons accompanied by bergamot and aldehydes. When the fragrance opens up, you can enjoy tones of pink pepper and elemi.


Further down the line, woody tones, amber and olibanum put on a show.


What are elemi and aldehydes? I don’t like blinding readers with science. Let me explain what roles elemi and aldehydes have in perfume.


Elemi is a tree native to the Far East. You often find it growing as a windbreaker in the Philippines. It has a fragrance which is hard to put your finger on. The scent can only be described as a blend of frankincense and dark pine notes.


Aldehydes are a range of clean, fresh-smelling notes in perfume.










Light Blue Summer Vibes by Dolce & Gabbana

When I first smelt this men’s fragrance in 2023, I was unsure what it offered. It seemed to lack something.


Still, I am uncertain what to think of this fragrance. Although fresh from the natural essential oil of lemon, it has darker notes including cypress and amberwood at its base.


The lemon cuts through the cypress and amberwood making this a fresh fragrance. It is not a scent I recommend for the evening, but it is fine in the daytime.


Is Light Blue Summer Vibes right for work? I don’t think so. Instead, I would wear it as a daytime fragrance when you are at home with the family or just having a day off.


I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an updated release of this fragrance.


Le Beau by Jean Paul Gaultier


If you are a free spirit, you will love this fragrance. Maybe you are heading for a BoHo-style wedding this summer? If so, this fragrance is the perfect choice.


What does Le Beau smell like? I love the fact the creators of this scent have been brave enough to combine bergamot and coconut.


I would never have thought it would work but it certainly did. Tonka bean has also been thrown in for good measure.


The magic threesome in this men’s fragrance makes Le Beau a soft, dreamy fragrance. Yet, it has an edge, making it capable of cutting through the summer night air.


A great fragrance for summer nights and for wearing during the day. It transitions smoothly.

Le Beau is also very romantic and sensual. It almost feels like it is trying to stroke you.


I read a review claiming the fragrance is woody. Yes, there are hints of wood, but I mainly get soft sensual vibes from Le Beau. A fragrance made for seduction.



Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia by Acqua di Parma


Although Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia is promoted mainly as a male fragrance, it is one of the few fragrances I think is truly gender-neutral.


The fragrance first saw the light of day back in 1999. I have tried it a couple of times. When I was younger, I did not enjoy its bouquet. However, over the years, I have come to like it.


I would go as far as to say I cherish this fragrance - it is unique.


Maybe it resonates with me because I like the spiciness of star anise perfectly softened by almonds.


Then, orange and bergamot break through quickly followed by peach, ylang-ylang and jasmine. In the background, you have hints of vanilla, soft balsam, cedar and musk.


Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia is an adult and sophisticated fragrance. When to wear it? The best time to wear this fragrance is at night.


More mature ladies will love using this as a daytime scent. It has such interesting depths making it perfect for ladies who find it hard to find a perfume which resonates with them.


I highly recommend this unique, refined fragrance to both men and women. You will not be disappointed!


Voyage by Nautica


I love the middle notes of Lotus in this fragrance. It adds so much interest and makes the fragrance last for longer.


Voyage Cologne makes you think of billowing sails by the seaside The fragrance launched in 2006 and is a true summer fragrance. It is a must when you are buying a summer fragrance.


The opening is blustery with green notes and crisp apples. In its heart, you find mimosa and lotus. All of this is set against a summery cloudless sky of moss, light musk and cedar.


As the fragrance is truly versatile, it works well during the day and the night.


Is it seductive? Voyage cologne is both sensual and seductive.


Bvlgari Aqua Marine

What are the notes of Aqua Marine? Don’t worry, this is not only an aquatic fragrance, other notes put in an appearance.


The first time I encountered Bvlgari Aqua Marine was on a cruise ship. It was shortly after it had been launched in 2008.


The gentleman sitting to my right-hand side wore it on the first night of the cruise. I immediately thought this was a lovely fragrance.


It is fresh thanks to aquatic notes and a touch of seaweed. You also pick up on rosemary, cedar and amber. A generous blend of citrus accords has been added. The presence of neroli is also noticeable.


This is a fantastic summer fragrance for men which stays smelling fresh for a long time, It has endurance and works well during the day and night.


If going on holiday or a cruise, this is a must-have fragrance. Works in the open air as well as enclosed spaces. Aqua Marine is another unique summer fragrance for men.


Davidoff Cool Water


Does Davidoff Cool Water smell nice? Yes, it does and it is a summer classic which still works.


It is a youthful, fun and sexy fragrance for men of all ages. Cool water is rich in aquatic accords with masculine overtones including tobacco and musk. Mint makes it super fresh and you get spiciness from coriander.


Neroli, geranium and jasmine make up the middle before they are gently broken up by sandalwood. The addition of cedar adds interest and soft masculinity.


As I said, this is a fantastic fragrance for men. It does not matter if you are young or old.


Armani Acqua di Gio


Why is Acqua di Gio so popular? The answer is simple - Acqua di Gio is super sexy and sensual.


I love the strong opening statement with Calabrian bergamot, tangerines and neroli. It slightly knocks your socks off but you need that in the summer.


After the opening, you can enjoy aquatic notes blended with Mediterranean rosemary, persimmon and patchouli. This is a great summer fragrance.


As it offers a broad spectrum of accords, it stays active on the skin for a long time. This means it continues to release its scent as you get warmer.


Yes, it is sexy and sensual, but it is also a high-quality fragrance with endurance. When you want a fragrance to last all night, Acqua di Gio is the one for you.


Look out for the shower gel and deodorant. Both make great backups for the fragrance.


I call this an excellent holiday romance fragrance.


The Last Drop


Which fragrance should you choose?


I have given you a rather long list. My advice is to choose two or more fragrances on this list. That way, you are prepared for anything when it comes to your summer adventures!

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