Buying Fragrances Direct vs. Through Third-Party: Which is Better?

Buying Fragrances Direct vs. Through Third-Party: Which is Better?

Do you need a little boost of confidence? Consider getting a new perfume to help you stand out. But first, consider if you should buy fragrances direct from the manufacturer.

That can be a good option, but third-party distributors may be a better choice. Compare and contrast both before you buy your next perfume.

Keep reading to learn the advantages of each.

Why Buy Fragrances Direct From the Manufacturer

Buying fragrances direct from the manufacturer can be a great way to get some perfume. You can make the shopping process easy, especially if you already know what scent you want.

There's no need to spend time in a store exploring your options. But that's not the only advantage of getting a fragrance direct online. Consider a few more benefits.

Easy and Convenient

With more people shopping online each year, it's easier than ever to buy perfume online. You can go to your favourite perfume company's website and purchase one of their scents.

Then, you can get the package at your front door within days. Buying direct from the manufacturer is safe and convenient. It's a great option if you have a busy schedule and don't have time to go shopping.

Some companies may even have a mobile app you can use to buy their products. Then, you can buy your next fragrance from your phone. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Already Trustworthy

Unfortunately, some third-party companies aren't honest about where they got their perfume. You could end up spending a lot on designer fragrances but not get the real thing.

When you buy direct from a perfume company, you can make sure the brand is trustworthy. You won't have to research the company's history.

If you want to get a designer perfume, it may cost more. But getting the real thing can be worth the extra price. And saving time on comparing perfumes can also be worth more to some people.

Growing Popularity

When you have a trustworthy company, you can buy from any of their channels. Of course, that includes their website or a physical location. But you can also buy through social media or other shopping apps.

As more companies use these tools to sell their products, so will direct perfume companies. If you want to buy new fragrances on the go, you should consider buying from a brand with a strong online presence.

Not all perfume companies will have this sort of presence. But more will probably start selling their products online.

Save Money

Another reason you should consider buying fragrances direct from the maker is to save money. In all industries, companies use wholesale prices when they sell to department stores.

The department store orders perfume in bulk, which also helps bring down its purchase price. However, the store will then mark up the perfume's price for customers who buy through the store.

So if you want to save money, try to cut out the wholesale stage. Buying perfume online from the manufacturer can help you save money while still getting the fragrance you want.

Better Oversight

When one company handles everything from manufacturing to shipment, the whole process can be more cohesive. You don't have to worry about the perfume being on multiple shipments from the manufacturer to a fulfilment centre to a store.

If you buy perfume online from a manufacturer, they're the only party dealing with your order. The company can have more oversight and more control over the packing and shipping process.

They can make sure the perfume bottles have enough packing on the outside so that the bottles don't break in transit. You can ask the company about shipping policies as well so that you know what to expect.

Quality Control

If you know you like one fragrance from a brand, you can get the same thing each time. But when you order third-party, you may not always get what you expect.

If the third-party doesn't have strict quality control measures, you might get a broken bottle. Or perhaps one of the perfumes has the wrong label, so you get a different scent from what you ordered.

And if you happen to have issues with your order, you can contact the maker directly. The company can help resolve your issue and get you the scent you wanted.

Why Buy Fragrances Through a Third-Party

While buying fragrances direct from the maker can be the right choice, so can buying from a third-party. You don't have to worry about a perfume company's policies or having to wait until a scent comes back in stock.

And if your favourite brand decides to change their policies, you can find a different supplier. Then, you can still get perfume without a ton of hassle. Here are a few other advantages of getting perfume online from a third-party.

More Options

You can shop around and check out multiple third-party perfume suppliers. When you do, you can research prices, available scents and brands, and consider order and return policies.

If you've never bought perfume online before, you can look for a supplier with a good return policy. Then, if you don't like the fragrance, you can send it back or try different scents.

You can also look for the best deal on your favourite perfumes. Be sure to compare prices and bottle sizes to see which is the best price for the size. That way, you can make sure you get the best perfume for you.

Save Money

While you can save money on the middleman when buying direct, you can also save money through a third-party. Perfume distributors don't have to follow the set price of a perfume company so that you may get the same perfume for less.

Some third-party distributors can also buy perfume from countries with a lower cost of living. Then, they can sell it to you for a profit, but your price will still be lower than if you bought it from the manufacturer.

If you want to save money with a third-party distributor, make sure you do your research. Some low prices can be too good to be true, and you may end up with a fake perfume or one that causes allergies or irritation.

Get a Price Match

You can also look for a distributor that price matches. Price matching is when you present the seller with a lower price somewhere else. As long as that other distributor meets certain qualifications, the seller can match that price.

In most cases, the products have to be the same brand and size. The perfume should also be new and unopened, and it must be in stock at the competitor's store.

Also, the lower price can't be part of a sale or a coupon discount. It has to be the list price for that product. Getting a price match can be a great way to save money and is an excellent reason to at least consider third-party distributors.

Brand Name Perfumes

While some third-party distributors focus on fake perfumes, you can also get brand name products. You don't have to settle for knockoffs just to get a fragrance through a third-party.

As you shop around for a distributor, see what brands they carry. If you have a favourite scent, you can look for someone who offers that brand. Whenever you need to reorder the perfume, you won't have to go to the manufacturer or an expensive store.

Consider the selection available from individual distributors. Some offer plenty of brands for you to choose from.

Try Multiple Perfumes

Because you can shop around and get a good deal, buying perfume online through a third-party allows you to try more fragrances. If you aren't as concerned with saving money, you can simply try more options.

Testing different brands and scents is great if you've never used perfume before. It's also a nice option if you have stuck to one scent for years. You can get out of your comfort zone with a few different choices.

In some cases, you might find a new favourite. Or you may realize how much you like your current scent. Either way, you can use third-party sellers to experiment and find the best scent for you.

Which Option Is Better?

Buying fragrances direct from the manufacturer is great if you care a lot about the quality and validity of your perfume. But you may limit yourself to what that company offers and its policies.

Meanwhile, buying through a third-party gives you more options. If you don't like one company, you can switch to another. And you can get all of your favourite scents in one place.

And in both cases, you can save money, albeit in different ways. So do what suits you.

Buying Fragrances Direct vs Third-Party

Whether you're looking for your first perfume or to replace your current one, you should consider where to buy. Buying fragrances direct from the manufacturer can be good, but it's not for everyone.

Third-party sellers offer more of a selection and a more competitive price. So if you're looking for some variety, don't be afraid to try them out.

Are you looking to save money on a designer perfume? View our available brands and choose your next fragrance today.

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