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Yves Saint Laurent Perfumes

YSL has a rich history. Formed by Yves Saint Laurent, a young man that started designing clothes for his sister’s dolls at the age of seven. The education and experience paid dividends. Designing was in his blood and his talent was undeniable. 

Not including a brief hiatus when he was serving his country in the Army, Yves Saint Laurent has been designing his entire life. Creating gorgeous women’s collections and beautiful perfumes. 

The first fragrance, Y, arrived in 1964, and quickly became the fragrance that kicked off a rich history of global perfume and cologne success. Made with perfumer Jean Amic, the first YSL base notes were subtle honeysuckle, galbanum, and jasmine. 

Y was also released for men some fifty years later, in 2017. Y for men is masculine, and a tip of the hat to the classic look of a white shirt and a black jacket. It’s heavy on ginger, white aldehydes, sage and Danny Zuko. 

Y for men wasn’t the first men’s YSL fragrance to be released though. YSL shocked the world in 1971 with a male release which he posed nude to help promote. The fragrance was Pour Homme, the approach unique, and the retail performance excellent. In the same year, YSL also added YSL Rive Gauche to the women’s perfume collection; a fragrance which was also cutting edge in its unique tin can packaging. 

Male fans of YSL colognes usually opt for Pour Homme (even after all these years) and La Nuit de l'Homme, while Opium, Black Opium, Paris, Love Again and Mon Paris are the most popular women’s YSL perfumes. 

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