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Boucheron Perfumes

Frédéric Boucheron was one of the finest jewellers in the world. An eye for the elegant and a unique ability to strike the balance between dazzle and wearable practicality, saw Boucheron be commissioned to create a diamond encrusted tiara for the wife of Tsar Nicholas II.

The 2,000 hour job earned Boucheron the respect of royalty all over the world and he unofficially became the jeweller of aristocrats. 

Capturing the magic in a scent was the next challenge for Boucheron as he moved to diversify his products and get a foothold into more of his client’s routines. With the help of makers Francis Deléamont and Jean-Pierre Bethouard, Boucheron released their first signature scent – a women’s perfume called Boucheron. 

Boucerhon by Bocuheron sparkled and helped the women of Paris embrace the luxury of having Boucheron accessories and fragrance. 

The jewel theme continued in the next Boucheron perfumes; Boucheron Jaïpur and BoucerhonQuatre. In our humble opinion, the Boucheron bottle are the most exquisite in the fragrance world. 

The most recent creation is the wonderful six part Boucheron Collection.


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