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Bvlgari Perfumes

Bvlgari (pronounced ‘bul-ga-ree’) is an international fashion brand with an incredible reputation across Europe, North America and Asia.

Initially a jewellery brand, the Rome based business has extended their range to include leather goods, watches and fragrances. With the fragrance range embodying the stunning elegance of the jewellery by extending the beautiful aesthetic to their fragrance bottle design and packaging. 

Bvlgari released their first fragrance in 1992, some 100 years after the jewellery business began. The first release was the timeless Eau Parfumée Au Thé Vert, which was initially designed only as a free gift for jewellery customers. Its green tea scent was so popular it became the first ever perfume and a high selling one at that. 

Bvlgari perfumes and colognes carry citrus fragrances and woody components in both their men’s and women’s ranges. These marrying blends of warmth and sophistication create appealing, long lasting and irresistible aromas. 

The best smelling and thus most popular men’s Bvlgari colognes are Man, Man in Black Aqva Pour Hommeand Pour Homme Soir.While the most popular women’s Bvlgari perfumes and best-selling are BLV Notte, Omnia Crystalline, Jasmin Noir, Omnia Green and Jade. 

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