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Cerruti Perfumes

Cerruti, the Italian fashion house started life as an industrial textile mill and it wasn’t until a 20-year old innovator named Nino Cerruti took over did it begin to transform. Nino’s decision to move the factory into more modern fabrics and techniques paid dividends and the company was able to open two more factories. 

However, before long, manufacturing wasn’t enough for Nino. His love of fashion led him to designing, and he released his first menswear collection in 1957. The collection became the basis of the Cerruti brand, officially launched in 1967, and the many fragrances they would go on to create.

The first, released in 1979, was Nino Cerruti for Men; an aromatic mint, thyme and bourbon combination that, even today, still ranks highly in all-time favourite fragrance lists. 

Remarkably, it took eight more years for a Nino Cerruti women’s perfume. Pour Femme is a chypre floral fragrance that is heavy on the plum, honey and sandalwood. Both early Cerruti fragrances sold well, but they aren’t nearly as well-known as the Cerruti 1881 range of perfumes. 

Taking its name from the year the business started, Cerruti 1881 in all its forms, represents a Mediterranean way of life. The 1881 Cerutti Pour Homme and the 1881 perfume for women are the most popular in the collection. Cerutti 1881 is also the name of the company these days and the name of most of their stores. 

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