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  1. Diesel Only The Brave Street Eau de Toilette 125ml Spray

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Diesel Perfumes

Best known for its uber successful jeans, Diesel’s fragrance success took the world by surprise. But it shouldn’t have. 

Started by Renz Rosso in Italy in 1978, the fashion house always had an eye on quality and an inherent knack of knowing exactly what younger customers wanted in denim and in cologne. 

Former Creative Director, Wilbert Das deserves most of the credit for Diesel’s impressive reputation, including the release of their first unisex fragrance, Diesel; a predominantly male fragrance heavy in pepper and spice that laid the foundations for future Diesel fragrances. 

While still, largely masculine, Diesel fragrances have benefited from subtlety and refinement. The result of which is a huge collection of perfume heavyweights, including Diesel Bad, Fuel for Life, Loverdose and Diesel Zero.

The most popular Diesel scents are the Only the Brave – with an ingredient list looking more like a recipe than a fragrance (lemon, coriander and mandarin), but one that strangely works - Diesel Green men’s fragrance and Diesel bad fragrance. 

To add to the beautifully balanced smells, are the beautifully quirky bottles Diesel creates. Only the Brave is shaped like a fist and Diesel Green is shaped like a spray bottle. Half the Diesel fun is how good they look on your vanity or dresser. 

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