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Escada Perfumes

One of the least known names in our list of fragrance and fashion designers is Escada; a fashion house founded in Germany by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley.

Meaning ‘staircase’ in Portuguese, Escada was founded in 1978 and quickly made a name for itself with wildly colourful pieces and patterns. THe first Escada fragrance was released in 1990; named after founder Escada Margaretha Ley. 

Now, Procter and Gamble makes Escada perfume; helping to create fragrances that are youthful, bright and packaged just as eclectically as the clothes that made the brand famous. You’ll notice the packaging immediately, summery, caricatures proudly show off the island feel of the fragrances. 

Escada has proven that you don’t necessarily need a widely regarded brand name to sell perfume. Agua Del Sol, Especially Escada, Magnetic Beat, Sentiment and Escada en Fleurs have all sold well and caused thousands of youngsters to seek out Escada perfume sales in order to get their fix. 

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