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Giorgio Armani Perfumes

One of the more mature fashion brands in our list, Giorgio Armani (or more widely known by just the surname Armani), was founded in 1975 by a former window dresser. From humble beginnings, Giorgio Armani quickly forged a place in the upper echelons of fashion and fragrance design. 

Known for simplicity of design and with a strong focus on making wearable garments, rather than extravagant ones, Armani has carried this approach through to its fragrances, which they first released in 1981 under a Giorgio Beverley Hills label. The opening fragrance under their own brand was simply named, Armani. Three years later a men’s cologne followed; called Armani Eau Pour Homme.

Both initial fragrances sold well, although, through years of testing and refinement, both have now been replaced by stronger scents, including the instant classics of Armani Code, Mania and Armani He and She. The ‘duo’ approach – providing a matching release for both men and women - was forward innovative and successful. 

However, when you’re chasing universal approval, there are bound to be fragrances that sell better than others. And Armani has never been afraid to discontinue one of their perfumes in pursuit of something even better. Nowadays, their mass market releases are interspersed between limited release batches of speciality fragrances including Privé Bois d'Encens, Privé Eau de Jade, Privé Cuir Améthyste, Privé Vetiver Babylone and more. 

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