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Kenzo Perfumes

When Kenzo Takada left Japan he went to discover the world. What he discovered was colour. In every design since, Kenzo has wowed us with bright colours, eclectic design and vibrancy that reflects the places he has travelled and the sights he has seen. 

Kenzo never looked back. He settled in Paris and within years was one of the brightest talents in the world of fashion. As a brand, Kenzo produced lines for kids, a denim line and eventually Kenzo Parfums. 

Kenzo Parfums launched in 1988 with Kenzo for Women. Ever since, Kenzo has launched fragrances that have become obsessed by women all over the world. 

At the top of Kenzo’s perfumes has to be Flower by Kenzo, an international bestseller that is delicate, feminine and packaged in the most exquisite and thin clear bottle you’ve ever seen. 

Kenzo Flower isn’t the only superstar in the Kenzo range. Kenzo Jeu d’Amourand Kenzo Amour also sell and rate very highly in the core demographic of classy middle-aged women. 

While Kenzo himself is retied, the brand is well looked after by Creative Directors Leon and Carol Lim (of Opening Ceremony fame)

 If you’re interested in learning more about Kenzo perfumes, browser the store or seek out the book Perfumes by Kenzo: Travelling in the Land of the Senseswhich shares the journey each Kenzo fragrance took to the shelf. 

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