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Mugler Perfumes

In 1992 a fragrance landed that was unlike any other on the planet. Featuring chocolate, caramel and candy floss undertones (memories from the brand’s founder that simply had to be incorporated), the fragrance caused a ripple in the perfume industry that has rarely been seen since. 

The perfume was Angel. The brand was Thierry Mugler. 

Polarising because of the sweet flavours that gave the fragrance its body, Angel was either loved or hated. Luckily for Mugler, there were enough addicts to see it become one of the best-selling perfumes of the year. A mantle it has enjoyed ever since. 

The makers of the game-changing fragrance were Thierry Mugler and Yves de Chiris. The pair set out to make the first gourmand perfume ever. They did just that; creating a fragrance that endured even when the brand itself collapsed.

After Angel came the second Mugler perfume, Alien and the third and the first ever eco-friendly perfume, Womanity. Alien in particular, featured alongside Angel in a refilling innovation called ‘The Source’. Customers can fill up selected fragrances when they run out for a fraction of the cost of a new bottle. 

Men haven’t been forgotten by Mugler. The Mugler Cologne Splash and Spray, Mugler Les Exceptions and A*Men Pure fragrances all pay respect to the original though that went into Mugler Angel. 

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