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Ralph Lauren Perfumes

Today, Ralph Lauren is summed up by the small polo player logo which is boldly displayed on everything from polo shirts to furniture. The horse riding, mallet wielding man represents the preppy, well-to-do style that the brand was built around and is now famous for. 

We doubt that Ralph Lauren the American designer who formed the company in 1967 ever anticipated the brand equity and recognition that he would achieve when he opened his first boutique inside Bloomingdales in 1969. Especially after his humble upbringing in the Bronx and the huge $50,000 loan he needed to take out to make his fashion dreams a reality. 

But he did. He created a huge fashion empire and the most recognised logo in the world after Coca-Cola. 

Included in the empire are fragrances, first made in partnership with L’Oréal in 1978. The initial scents were Polo for Men and Lauren for Women, quickly followed by Chaps for Men and Tuxedo for Women, both introduced the following year. All four epitomised Middle America and became instant favourites. 

After focusing on bottling what it meant to be an American free in the countryside, Ralph Lauren drew inspiration from his Safari trips and madeSafari and Polo Sport. Safari helped Lauren win his first Fifi Award, this time for the Most Successful Women’s Fragrance. 

Other classics in the Ralph Lauren portfolio include: Romance Perfume, Ralph (which was made into several younger demographic editions such as Ralph Cool, Ralph Hot, Ralph Wild and Ralph Rocks) and Big Pony. 

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