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Valentino Perfumes

Velntino Garavani knew the strings to pull to sell perfume to women. When he said that a ‘perfume must help a woman turn heads when she enters a room’ he knew he was striking the perfect balance between exploiting a woman’s vulnerabilities and empowering her to feel confident. 

It was a philosophy he also used to perfection in his glamourous womenswear designs for the brand simply known as Valentino, and one that continues to guide each Valentino fragrance release today.

From humble beginnings in 1960, after working with Guy Laroche and Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino grew to become a leader in 1960s couture. Elizabeth Taylor, the American actress took a particular liking too Valentino and helped solidify the fashion house’s success. 

To help women turn heads, Valentino released the Valentina Eau de Parfume; a native Italian scent featuring jasmine, orange blossom and strawberries – scents from the Amalfi coast and his favourite place, Capri. Valentina has sparked variants such as Valentina Acqua Floreale.

While all fragrances from Valentino are well-received, the Valentino Uomo and Valentino Donna are easily the most popular. With Valentino Uomo sweeping the Frecnch FiFi fragrance awards. 

Valentino perfume was previously made in partnership with Procter and Gamble, and as of 2010, with Puig.

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