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Azzaro Perfumes

One of the poorly kept secrets of the fragrance world is that many men’s perfumes are actually marketed to women in the hope that they will buy the fragrances for their men. That’s why you see near naked David Gandy and other models advertising men’s cologne.

The man who pioneered that move was Loris Azzaro. Rumoured to be a bit of a playboy, Azzaro lived his life with flamboyance and used the company that he created in 1967, to show off his zest for life. 

In his clothing designs, Azzaro opted for sex appeal and glamour. In his fragrances he set out to create enduring classics, and he managed that with his very first releases. Azzaro for Women in 1975 and Azzaro pour Homme in 1978 are still considered the benchmark of perfumes and colognes all over the world. 

After being heavily influenced by the Mediterranean in his first efforts, Azzaro looked to his grandson for inspiration and created Chrome. Azzaro Chrome reflected the strength of friendship and introduced an aquatic aroma to the underlying woodiness. 

While Azzaro’s men’s options far outweigh the Azzaro women’s perfumes, there have been some quality fragrances for the modern woman including Twin for Women, Azzaro Pour Elle and Mademoiselle.