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Calvin Klein Perfumes

Perhaps better known for its raunchy underwear campaigns featuring Mark Wahlberg, Brooke Shields and Justin Bieber, it’s the fragrance of Calvin Klein that truly sets it apart as an international fashion and fragrance powerhouse.

Ever since their first scent release in 1985, Calvin Klein has continued to produce breath-taking aromas, including their Obsession, Eternity, One and Euphoria lines. Catering to both men and women, the range of Calvin Klein fragrances and perfumes are curious, gripping and suggestive.

The impeccable quality of CK fragrances is no surprise given the lofty standards that their creator demanded in the early fragrance formulas. It’s the same dedication to high-quality that produced early success for their jeans and underwear segments and has carried through to the fragrance offerings, resulting in annual sales of more than $8billion.

It will come as no surprise then that you’ll feel more successful when you’re wearing a Calvin Klein fragrance too. Success breeds success.