Fragrances Like Dior Sauvage

Fragrances Like Dior Sauvage

Fragrances Like Dior Sauvage


Dior Sauvage is one of the most famous men’s fragrances. In the UK, it is the top-selling perfume for men.


However, if you want to stand out from the crowd or choose a more cost-effective option, there are alternatives to Dior Sauvage.


Still, it seems that many men across the world don’t shop around for alternatives. If you live in the UK, there are plenty of choices. So, why are men so hooked on Dior Sauvage?


The History of Dior Sauvage


The Dior brand was founded in 1946 after the Second World War. In France, Dior clothes and accessories have always been considered premier quality. Although the company made accessories for men, it took them until 1966 to launch a men’s fragrance.


In many ways, Dior set the trend. Since the 1960s, many perfume brands have launched perfumes and fragrances for men. Unisex perfumes are also becoming popular.


In the 1960s, men realised they were missing out on quality fragrances. Women had for a long time been able to enjoy luxury perfumes and scents.


But, quality and branded aftershaves and perfumes for men were rare. You can say that Dior set a trend and led the way for the way we see men’s fragrances today.


Today, men are just as likely to go shopping for fragrances as women. Smelling good is important to all of us.


What Has Led The Trend in Men’s Colognes?


There are many things which have influenced what can be called an invasion of fragrances for men.


Work and lifestyle are two of the main influencing factors. Before the 1960s, men were traditionally involved in manual jobs. Over the years the trend has changed. As work forces are becoming lest determined by stereotype and gender, more men are finding their way into office based work.


Needless to say, it’s nice to smell good when you go into the office.


Other lifestyle changes have taken place as well. We have started to socialise more outside the home. The people we socialise with have changed.


The new normal often means going out for dinner, taking part in sports activities and meeting for drinks. Yes, we used to go to the pub, but compared to the 1960s, there are far more places for us to meet up. Who would have thought hanging out in coffee shops like Starbucks would be the thing to do?


We also socialise with friends more and meet up with family members less. Gone are the days when socialising meant going for a traditional Sunday roast with the extended family.


Lifestyle changes are one of the top reasons we are spending more on fragrances. There is another factor to consider - disposable income.


Yes, we may be going through a financial crisis at the moment, but spending on the little extras is something we are far more likely to do when compared to yesteryear.


Of course, it does not mean all of us have the opportunity to buy branded fragrances. But, thanks to the influences of social media and advertising, we are more likely to spend our hard-earned cash on luxury goods.


The Sauvage History


Dior’s men’s line of fragrances was at risk of becoming the forgotten before 2015 when Johnny Depp joined forces with Dior.


The adverts featuring Johnny Depp are exactly what you’d expect from this type of scent. Rugged and wild is the theme they’ve gone for, and it works with the whole aesthetic of both the brand and Depp himself. It gives Sauvage a real edge and brings everything about this fragrance to life.


Dior used to be seen as a rather “stuffy” brand for men. The original version (Eau Sauvage) had become less desirable. Instead of buying Eau Sauvage, men often opted to buy Fahrenheit instead. All of that changed with the arrival of Depp. This combination of a great scent and phenomenal marketing really propelled this fragrance to a level rarely seen by most designer brands.


Fahrenheit is still a popular Dior fragrance, but Sauvage is the men’s fragrance market leader as far as the brand goes.


Alternatives to Dior Sauvage from Dior


If you are not sure that the Dior Sauvage range is for you, there are other men’s fragrances you can enjoy.


When your bathroom shelf is already piled high with everything from Eau Sauvage to Sauvage Intense, it is perhaps time you checked out the alternatives.


The Dior Homme range is excellent offering classic and new style fragrances including Homme Sport. Higher Energy and Fahrenheit are also excellent choices if you like what the Dior brand has to offer.

What Alternatives Should I Choose?


Are there alternatives to Sauvage that smell similar and cost less?


Yes, there are alternatives which may be more comfortably affordable or if you are not into the culture which seems to have sprung up around the fragrance.


If you know what fragrance notes to look for, you can find Sauvage alternatives. Look out for men’s fragrances or aftershaves containing sandalwood, tonka bean and the freshness of mandarin.


Top alternatives to Sauvage include Prada Luna Rossa Carbon for Men, Versace Dylan Blue and Chanel Bleu de Chanel. If you ask a perfume adviser, these are three men’s fragrances they would often mention.


I have a few more to add to the selection. If you like masculine fragrances, you should also check out something a little different in; Paco Rabanne 1 Million, Mont Blanc Legend and Jimmy Choo Man Blue. To that list, you can add Joop! Eau Pour Homme.


What About Cheaper Non-Branded Eau Sauvage Dupes?


Even High Street retailers like to think they can copy what Sauvage has to offer. If you check out their Composition range, you will notice sandalwood is a popular ingredient.


Just a word of warning before you buy anything from copy ranges, you need to know the products are unlikely to contain natural perfume essences. The fragrances are more likely to contain man-made essences.


What about other dupes or copies you’ll find in budget supermarkets? Some of these do sell ranges of fragrances that enthusiastic influencers claim are perfect copies of designer brand perfumes.


I have tried them, and I have to say I am not impressed. Immediately they smell very similar, but in the long run you probably end up spending as much on your fragrance as you have to use more of Aldi and Lidl dupes.


The fragrances don’t linger and you’ll soon be back with the bottle in hand for another spray.


7 Alternatives to Dior Sauvage For Your Shopping List


If a man asked me what fragrances he should buy which are similar to Dior Sauvage, I would recommend the following.


1 Prada Lunna Rossa Carbon for Men EDT


Lunna Rossa may not have the same intensity as Sauvage, but it does have a certain energy about it.


Many say that Sauvage ebbs and flows. I know what they mean. What fans of Sauvage are saying is that the fragrance contains many varied notes.


So, does Lunna Rossa Carbon. If you like masculine woody notes, this is a good choice. Nuances of bergamot and patchouli are easy to distinguish in Lunna Rossa. Lavender adds texture and depth. Amber gives the scent an interesting and masculine baseline.


2 Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme


Never overlook Versace as a brand. This excellent Italian perfume house produces some of the best men’s fragrances in the world.


One of their fragrances I have not seen advertised a lot is Dylan Blue. It has hidden depths and a broad range of nuances. If you can only afford one branded perfume, Versace Dylan Blue is a good choice.

What does Dylan Blue Smell like? Although it does not contain sandalwood, it contains many of the other essences we associate with masculine fragrances.


Tonka bean and patchouli are important notes of Dylan Blue. Patchouli and Black Pepper add interest along with papyrus. Musk and a touch of incense are at the heart of the fragrance. Grapefruit essence has been added for freshness. Aquatic notes hold the scent together. A note of saffron and fig leaves has been thrown into the mix.


Dylan Blue offers excellent value for money when you are shopping for a men’s fragrance.


3 Chanel Bleu de Chanel


It has to be said that Dior and Chanel are slight rivals. If you like an alternative to Sauvage from Dior, you should check out Chanel Bleu.


Does Chanel Bleu de Chanel contain sandalwood? Yes, it does. This excellent men’s fragrance also has notes of geranium and bergamot. As an extra treat when you want freshness, you can enjoy mint. Cedar and amber are other notes you will pick up on. A touch of tonka bean has been added. Pineapple lifts the scent making it long-lasting. The essence of lemon zest makes up the fresher part of the perfume.


4 Paco Rabanne 1 Million


I like many fragrances from Paco Rabanne. Another thing I like about this brand is that deodorants are readily available. If you like to compliment your men’s perfume, it is nice to be able to do so with a quality deodorant.


What does 1 Million for Men smell like? This is a nice and spicy scent. It is packed with both leather and woody notes which add to its interest. For freshness, you can rely on Blood Mandarin, grapefruit and mint. If you like spicy, you will find it as you let the scent linger. Patchouli, cinnamon and amber make the fragrance slightly spicy. Rose mellows the scent and holds this interesting fragrance package together.


A great choice for an everyday perfume.


5 Mont Blanc Legend


I would call Mont Blanc Legend a classic. It is a men’s fragrance that transitions easily from day to night. During the day, you will appreciate Legend for its freshness of Lemon Verbena and pineapple.


In the evening, you will notice other notes more. Oakmoss and tonka bean tones become more apparent. Rose and sandalwood also tickle the senses. As a matter of fact, Mont Blanc Legend has a lot in common with Dior Sauvage.


When you are ready for a change, you can try Legend Spirit from the same range offered by Mont Blanc. Another choice is Explorer.


6 Jimmy Choo Man Blue


Let’s not forget about Jimmy Choo Man Blue. When I read about alternatives to Dior Sauvage, there is one men’s perfume I expect to see on the list. But, it is almost always missing.


Jimmy Choo Man Blue is a good choice when you are looking for alternatives. What does Man Blue smell like?


As far as notes go, you are not missing out on anything. This is a treat for the senses. Jimmy Choo Man Blue has everything you need including sandalwood and patchouli. Clary sage and pineapple are there for freshness. Vanilla and cypress put in an appearance. Bergamot and black pepper add spiciness. Vetiver and leather make interesting end notes.


7 Joop! Homme EDT


My final choice as an alternative to Dior Sauvage is Joop! Homme. Once again, this is a brand that has an extensive range for men. You can even go wild with Joop Homme WILD.


This is not a very complex scent. What makes it a good choice when you are looking for a cost-effective alternative is the addition tonka bean. But, that is not all. Joop Homme also benefits from Iris, lavender and the sweetness of vanilla. A touch of Praline adds interest.



Final Thoughts


It is not always easy to find alternatives to branded perfumes. With a little bit of ingenuity, you can find good alternatives to Dior Sauvage.


Many of them are affordable and work well at any time during the day or night. Sauvage is nice, but I think it is easy to forget that there are other brands and interesting men’s fragrances. Don’t forget to explore other perfumes from Dior. It is an excellent brand. Sauvage is not the only Dior men’s perfume that deserves a place on your bathroom shelf.








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