Fragrances That Smell Like Creed Aventus

Fragrances That Smell Like Creed Aventus

10 Fragrances Like Creed Aventus


Why do men like Creed Aventus? Creed is one of those men’s perfumes that soared in popularity from the moment it was launched.


It is a unique and masculine men’s fragrance. Just like Dior Sauvage, it is easy to recognise. One of the downsides of Creed Aventus is that many men wear it regularly.


That being said, it is a great men’s perfume and deserves a space in your designer brand perfume collection. However, you need to know there are alternatives to Creed Aventus.


On this page, we are taking a look at other perfumes with the same essence. Some of the alternatives to Creed in our review are also cheaper.


First, we need to understand what makes Creed Aventus so special.


What Does Creed Aventus Smell Like?


Many men find the dry, musky and fruity scent of Creed Aventus especially appealing.


When you are looking for a men’s perfume that offers a wide range of notes, Creed is an excellent choice.


Creed’s wide range of notes are derived from the essences of pineapple, bergamot and Black Currant. It gets its fruitiness from apples with help from birch.


Musky and seductive notes come from patchouli, Moroccan jasmine and musk. Rose, ambergris and vanilla help to expand the array of notes in Creed. Oakmoss supports the complex scent bouquet and adds depth.


When you are looking for alternatives to Creed, you need to look for the essences I have just mentioned.


The History of Creed Perfume


Creed Aventus was launched in 2010 to celebrate 250 years of Creed brand. Originally, Creed was a tailoring house set up by a gentleman called James Henry Creed. Today, Creed has offices in both London and Paris with stores in many capital cities. It is one of the best-known perfume brands in the world.


During its time in business, Creed has created many exclusive and personal perfumes for leading politicians and celebrities. If you got the cash, you can pop into Creed’s flagship store in Mayfair, London and ask them to create a personal scent for you.


If not, you can buy one of Creed’s ready-to-go scents. The attentive staff will gently guide you in the right direction. Two other popular Creed men’s fragrances are Viking and Himalaya which are available in the Mayfair store.


When you are a Creed fan, you can also buy accessories, body care products and atomisers. When you need advice on how to look after your new Creed scent, the staff is happy to help.


What Does Creed Aventus Smell Similar To?


If you would like all of the advantages of Creed, but not the hefty price tag, there are men’s fragrances that smell similar to Aventus.


When you are shopping for similar perfumes, it is important to remember the notes. If a fragrance has notes in common with Aventus Creed, you can still enjoy many of its benefits.


Which Is the Closest Perfume to Creed Aventus?


There is not one perfume I think is close to Creed Aventus. When I started to look around and I managed to come up with a list of 10 alternatives to Aventus.


Before I give you the list, I am going to give you a few men’s fragrance-buying tips.


Perfume Shopping Tips for Men


Just because your best mate buys a particular men’s cologne, it does not mean you should buy the same cologne.

When I worked in Harrods as a personal perfume shopper, this happened all of the time. Men would often come into the store and ask for the same perfume as their friends used.


From experience, I knew that not all perfumes suit all men. You need to take lifestyle factors into account and other things as well.


As a matter of fact, I used to ask them if they were going to wear the perfume in the company of their mom, girlfriend, wife or mistress. The question made them laugh.

On most occasions, they walked out of the store with another perfume or perfumes, than the one they had meant to buy.


What Is the Occasion?


Yes, when it comes to the perfume business, there are horses for courses as the saying goes. You should not wear the same perfume on a date that you wear in the office.


I would recommend you have at least two or three perfume choices sitting on your bathroom shelf. Maybe more if you have a busy social life.


Making The Most Out Of Your Men’s Fragrance


Smelling nice is not only about buying a bottle of perfume.

When you would like your men’s fragrance to last for longer during the day or night, investing in a box set is a good idea.


Box sets often contain extra goodies such as deodorants, shower gels and maybe even a smaller bottle of the same fragrance.


If a box set is not available, you should aim for a deodorant and shower gel. That way, you will smell good for longer. When it comes to men’s designer fragrances, a little goes a long way.


10 Fragrances that Smell Like Creed Aventus


Let’s take a look at what fragrances smell similar to Creed Aventus so you know which ones to look out for.


1 Mont Blanc Explorer Eau De Parfum


When you would like a more intense fragrance, buying a perfume rather than an eau de toilette is a good idea. EDT’s have more added water while perfumes are richer in essence. That means perfumes smell more intensely and last longer.


2 Montblanc Explorer Eau De Parfum


When you are looking for a perfume which embraces life, Montblanc Explorer is a great choice. This refined fragrance has many similarities with Creed Aventus.


Amongst its ranks of notes, you will find masculine tones such as patchouli, bergamot and pink pepper. In the middle, you can pick up on vetiver and hints of leather.


Clary sage, ambroxan, akigalawood and cacao pods add to the range of notes in this pleasant men’s perfume.


3 Al Haramain L’ Aventure Eau De Parfum


Many men say that L’Aventure from Al Haramain is the ultimate Aventus dupe. It certainly has many notes in common with Aventus.


Since L’Aventure was launched in 2016, it has become a bestseller with men looking for similar scents. Lemon adds a certain freshness. Its musky qualities come from patchouli, amber and musk. Bergamot and delicate nuances of Lily-of-the-Valley are also present.


Al Haramain is an excellent perfume designer brand. If you like masculine perfumes, you should check out Amber Oud White which is a unisex perfume from this brand.


4 Armaf Club de Nuit Intense


Remember that I mentioned that one of the notes in Aventus is pineapple? Although it is rare to find the essence of pineapple in a perfume, top brands do not have exclusivity on this note.


Armaf Club de Nuit Intense has an interesting list of fragrances. They include birch, rose and jasmine. The base notes of Nuit Intense come from ambergris, patchouli, musk and vanilla. Bergamot and black currant tomes are also present.


Mmmm… where have you heard that before? Another bestseller from Armaf is Bucephalus No. XI Eau De Parfum.


5 Molton Brown Black Pepper


Black Pepper was launched by Molton Brown in 2007. It is a masculine perfume with a lot to offer. When you are looking for the essential qualities of an Aventus dupe, this is a good choice.


The fragrance is warm and rich. Although black pepper is present, it does not dominate the perfume.


The warming qualities come from cinnamon and ginger. Oakmoss, bergamot and a touch of coriander for freshness complete the notes in Molton Brown Black Pepper. Patchouli adds to the masculine qualities of this men’s perfume.

6 Dolce&Gabbana The One Gold For Men


The One Gold for Men from top perfume brand Dolce&Gabbana is in my point of view an overlooked men’s fragrance. It is a shame because it has so much to offer.


Just like many of the other perfumes on this list, it has that very essence of masculinity. Its masculinity is derived from coriander, citrus grapefruit and basil. These oriental notes combine for spiciness and warmth.


When you let One Gold fully develop, you also pick up on ginger and cardamom with touches of sweet orange blossoms.


It is composed of vibrant and elegant top notes of grapefruit, coriander, and basil revealing the oriental spicy signature of the fragrance. Warm cedar and a touch of tobacco are the final nuances you discover.


Although many of the notes you find in Aventus are not on the list, the final result is still very much the same. D&G One Gold is another good choice when you are shopping for a masculine scent.


7 Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau


What does Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau smell like? One thing you can say about Aventus is that it is intense.


When you like intense, spicy and woody men’s fragrances, you should add Le Beau to your bathroom cabinet. It shares many of its qualities with the great masculine perfumes of the world.


Among its fragrance notes, you find bergamot and tonka bean. It has a middle base of coconut which helps the scent last longer.

When bergamot and tonka bean are mixed together, you get an intense fragrance experience which is best interpreted as masculine.


8 Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme


When you see Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme reviewed, you will notice it almost always has five-star ratings.


There’s little wonder why. This is an excellent masculine, woody and spicy perfume for men. If you have not bought it yet, you should.


L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme notes range from juniper to cedar. In between, you find other interesting tones including sage, bergamot and coriander. It has a final flourish of sandalwood and moss enhancing its masculine qualities.


9 Mugler A*Men


I know it is a funny name for a men’s perfume. Let’s forget about the name for a moment and concentrate on what A*Men offers you.


This is a rich scent offering favourite masculine fragrances. The first notes you pick up are bergamot, coriander and lavender with peppermint for freshness. When applied to your skin, you also notice gentle tones of sandalwood, amber and coffee.


Mugler A*Men is a great date night perfume but is not out of place during the daytime. It is a combination of notes that delivers. An excellent quality men’s fragrance with endurance.



10 Ralph Lauren Ralph’s Club


Many men’s fragrances are also very seductive. One of the best seductive masculine scents which also oozes quality is Ralph Lauren Ralph’s Club. It is charming and sophisticated but still has an impact.


The base notes come from cedarwood and vetiver. The upper notes are apple, grapefruit and lavandin. Clary sage and geranium add to the seductive qualities and orange blossoms offer added depth.


What About Generic Men’s Perfumes?


High street stores offer dupes of many top perfumes. The downside is that many of them are loaded with artificial compounds.


Yes, they are cheap, but they do not offer endurance. The essences found in high street brands offered by Boots and Superdrug are not derived from natural essential oils.


What about Aldi and Lidl’s dupes and imitations? I know many influencers sing their praises. But, when it comes to delivering a quality fragrance experience, they don’t have what it takes.

When you are shopping for men’s perfumes, it is best to stick to established brands. They last longer and don’t change their scent when the bottle has been opened for a couple of weeks.


Final Thoughts


If you are not sure Creed Aventus is for you, there are plenty of options. Use my shopping list to guide you in the right direction.


Remember that it is best to have at least a couple of men’s perfumes on your bathroom shelf. That way, you are ready for every occasion and anything life throws at you.
























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