The Top 10 Musky Fragrances

The Top 10 Musky Fragrances

Top 10 Musky Fragrances for Men and Women


You simply can’t go wrong with a musky fragrance. If you have a fragrance collection packed with sweet or fresh smelling perfumes, it is time to add a musky fragrance or two.


Musky fragrances are right for both men and women. More men’s fragrances are musky. That does not mean musky fragrances for women do not exist. They do. Hey, I know girls, many of you “borrow” your partner’s fragrance because you think it smells nice on you.


Leading perfume brands have picked up on this and are producing an increasing number of musky fragrances for women.


What Is So Special About Musky Fragrances?


Musky fragrances are the “smooth operators” as far as perfumes go.


Musky essential oils make you feel calm and relaxed. Once you are chilled out, you can say musky fragrances go for the juggler.


You see, musky scents are also very sexy and seductive. This is what makes them unique.


If you have ever used a vetiver-based bubble bath you know exactly what I mean. Before long, you have probably felt both relaxed and sensual. You can say they heighten your senses.


The Best Musky Essential Oils


What natural essential oils should you look for in a good quality musky fragrance?


You are spoiled for choice when it comes to musky essential oils. Some of the best essential oils in the world fall under this category.


Look out for fragrances such as myrrh, natural musk, vetiver, sandalwood, amber and frankincense. Neroli is another slightly musky smell.


Lotus is also being added to an increasing number of fragrances. This is also a slightly musky scent. If you have ever burned essential oil of lotus, you will know it has relaxing and seductive qualities.


Cinnamon is another musky essential oil which is beginning to pop up in many fragrances.


When Should You Wear Musky Perfumes?


Winter is a good time to wear musky perfumes.


But, that being said, I think they work well during summer. When you go on your summer holiday, you need something which can cut through rich summer scents. That is exactly what musky perfumes can do.


What Occasion Is Right For Musky Perfumes?


Nighttime is the best time for musky perfumes.


Musky fragrances are great for date nights or going out for dinner. They are great for more intimate occasions or when dining with a larger party.


They work outside as well as inside. If you find yourself heading for the pub garden on a summer’s evening, that is when you should put on a musky fragrance.


Where Do You Apply Musk Perfume?


The best places to put on musky perfumes are on your pulse points.


That could be on the side of the neck or behind the ears. Many ladies apply musk perfumes on their wrists.


Yes, you have a pulse point on your wrist. But, you also have pulse points on the back of your arm. Don’t limit yourself, add the fragrance all the way up your arm.


Also, spray it on your hair or dab it on your hair. Your perfume releases its properties as your hair moves.


What Is A Musky Perfume Personality?


I am not sure if there is such a thing. Many who wear musky perfumes are sophisticated and confident.


But then again, I have to say musky perfumes put you in a bold and confident mood. Don’t forget they also help you to relax and feel more chilled.


That is why musky perfumes are perfect for personal and larger social occasions.


What Is The Difference Between Musty and Musky?


I know this is not strictly relevant, but I will cover it as there is some confusion between the two.


Musty smells come from mildew and dampness. They are seldom pleasant.


Musky scents are extracted from natural oils. On occasion, they are also derived from the glands of animals. They are always pleasant and often very seductive.


You don’t find musty smells in fragrances.


Let's check out 10 musky fragrances I think are must-haves.


10 Musky Fragrances For Men and Women



1 Narciso Rodrigues Pure Musc For Her


I think this is one of the most wearable musk-inspired perfumes for women. I love it and happily wear it any time of the year.


Like so many musk fragrances, it has a certain softness to it. I have noticed many men like the scent of this perfume.


Pure Musc is not a complicated scent. When it launched in 2019, it quickly became popular because of its simple structure.


The top notes are musky. But, as the fragrance comes into its own, you also notice tones of flowers with woody overtures. The perfume gently floats on a cloud of softness and is long-lasting.


A great scent for ladies of any age. I describe Narciso Rodrigues Pure Musc For Her as a very sophisticated scent.


It is a well-kept secret - not all ladies have discovered this fragrance yet. A good choice for parties and intimate occasions.


2 Bon Parfumeur 103


This fragrance is a real treat. The addition of frangipani makes 103 stand out when compared to other musky perfumes.


If you have a trained nose, you also pick up on hibiscus. Other musky attributions include bergamot and pure musk. Vanilla and Tiaro flowers add further interest along with jasmine and neroli. Soft, slightly grainy notes hold the bouquet together.


Once again, this is not a perfume you come across too often.




3 Prada Paradoxe


I think Paradoxe is one of the best perfumes offered by Prada.


It has a real edge to it. The best way I can describe Paradoxe is zesty and musky at the same time.


Paradoxe is packed with delicious delights such as neroli and bergamot. There is a slightly fruity background and you get freshness from tangerines.


Although Paradoxe targets the evening and night, I think it wears well during the day. It has a freshness which makes it interesting.


When you are looking for a transitional fragrance, I believe Paradoxe is a good choice. If I worked in an office and planned to go out with the girls after work, Paradoxe by Prada would be my choice of perfume.


4 Yves Saint Laurent Libre


Libre by YSL was created by Carlos Benaim and Anne Flipo. Both are well-known for their sensual fragrances and scents with a difference.


A scent with a difference is certainly what you get with Libre. As with all other YSL perfumes, it is refined and slightly complex.


The first notes you pick up are mandarin, lavender and orange. Once more of the bouquet bursts out of the bottle, you notice orange blossom and jasmine. Then, for longevity, cedarwood and musk have been added. Hints of sweetness come from vanilla.


A broad spectrum fragrance which also transitions well between night and day. If you are going travelling, this scent makes an excellent companion.


5 Chanel 1957 Les Exclusifs de Chanel Eau de Parfum


At first, Chanel 1957 slightly confused me. It smelt too crisp and clean to be a musky fragrance.

But, then clouds of white musk hit me. They sort of blew in rather than make a sudden appearance.


This perfume offers a nice blend of pink pepper and bergamot. Hints of soft neroli add interest and you also get a sweet final accord.


This perfume works well. You can argue this perfume can only have been blended by Chanel. It is a lovely fragrance which manages to be both sensual and sophisticated.


It is light and airy but has hidden depths making it more than interesting. Chanel bags are out of most ladies' financial comfort zone. But, if you want to enjoy a little of what Chanel offers, this scent is a must-have. Luxury and sophistication in a bottle instead of a bag.


Treat yourself!


6 Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue EDT


Does Dylan Blue smell like Sauvage? This is a question I am often asked.


Both fragrances are masculine and share some accords but smell differently.


I would describe Pour Homme Dylan as more aromatic and slightly spicy. When it was launched in 2016, it quickly became well-known for its masculine notes.


Bergamot and patchouli offer muskiness and slight smokiness. Added to that, you find incense and pure musk. Grapefruit and aquatic notes are present for freshness. The spiciness of black pepper floats through the blend and you get hints of softness from tonka bean.


To my nose, this is an intense masculine and sexy scent.


7 Chanel Allure Homme EDT


Chanel has something for men and women.


Allure Homme EDT is a top recommendation for men looking for a musky fragrance. You should have at least a couple of musky fragrances in your collection. I believe this is one of them.


What does Allure Homme smell like? This is a woody fragrance with spicy nuances from ginger and pepper. Then you have classic musky notes including wood, vetiver and patchouli. Cedar has been added to the mix.


The fragrance's sexy softness comes from oakmoss, leather and tonka bean. Just to make this fragrance extra musky, pure musk and amber have been added.

A very alluring and seductive fragrance for men.


8 Jimmy Choo Man EDT


This fragrance was created by experienced perfumer Anne Flipo and launched by Jimmy Choo in 2014. If I remember correctly, it was Jimmy Choo’s first cologne for men.


What does it smell like? The fragrance is fruit and woody. As it is aromatic, it is slightly cheeky.


I like cheekiness in a fragrance. Before a strong finish with suede and sexy patchouli, you pick up notes of pink pepper, a touch of honey melon and pineapple leaf. Lavender adds depth and extra strength to the fragrance.


It is a great date night fragrance with hidden depths. A surprise offering which transitions well into the night if you choose it for daytime wear.


9 Creed Aventus EDP


Is Creed Aventus long-lasting? It may be the inclusion of Aventus in the name which makes men ask if this fragrance lasts for a long time.


The answer to the question is yes. Thanks to notes such as birch, oak moss and birch, this is a fragrance which lasts for many hours.


Creed Aventus gets its seductive qualities from bergamot, patchouli and touches of cedarwood. Pink pepper contributes spice. For freshness, you can rely on pineapple, lemon and freshly harvested apples. Sensual Jasmine also makes an appearance.


Adventus is a sensual musky fragrance backed up by hints of spice and freshness. Great choice for evenings out or wearing to work.


10 Armaf Club De Nuit Intense EDT


Is Armaf Club De Nuit Intense masculine? This is perhaps a fragrance which many men don’t know so well despite its 2015 launch date.


Pure musk and patchouli make this fragrance masculine and musky. Lemon and pineapple slightly mellowed by black currant lift the scent. Rose and jasmine create interest and you get a touch of vanilla for sweetness.


Birch adds a certain crispiness which makes Club De Nuit Intense interesting.


A modern men’s fragrance with a lot to offer. I think it certainly deserves a place on this list.


Let’s Wrap It Up


There you have it - a choice of five musky fragrances for women and five musky colognes for men.


Remember variation makes a huge difference. Don’t wear the same musky fragrance every time you go out. As always, I recommend buying at least two fragrances so that you have scents to choose from.


Maybe go for one fragrance that transitions well from daytime to evening, and then choose another one for pure indulgence of nighttime pleasures.


Look after your musky perfume. Keep it out of the sunlight and those musky, seductive notes last for longer.


Your feelings about the post?

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