9 Amazing Sweet Perfumes

9 Amazing Sweet Perfumes

Do you like sweet perfumes?


I have noticed sweet perfumes are increasing in popularity. More of us than ever before are buying perfumes with sweet notes. Why is that? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact we perceive sweet-smelling perfumes as feminine and gentle.


Personally, I also believe it has something to do with how we associate sweet smells with youth. Then we got the comfort factor - sweet smells are often very comforting. They are almost moorish.


Why Do Some People Prefer Sweet Perfumes?


Humans have over 400 scent receptors. Does that mean our scent receptors are wired in the same way?


No, it doesn’t. The way our scent receptors work varies a great deal. Interestingly enough, the way we perceive scent is linked to our memory.


Let me give you an example.


When I was a little girl, my grandma had the most amazing collection of lilac bushes in her garden. I loved the smell of lilacs and often wandered around her garden in spring enjoying the rich scent of lilacs.


As a result, I love perfumes with lilac notes. It immediately triggers happy memories of my grandma’s garden in late spring.


If you like sweet scents, take a moment and try to figure out why. Perhaps sweet tones trigger happy memories such as baking with a family member or eating ice cream by the seaside.


When you like oriental or exotic perfumes, it is likely you have a memory associated with one or more of the essential oils in the perfume.


Natural Sweet Essential Oils


What essential oils should you look for if you like sweet smelling perfumes?


The best sweet essential oils to look out for are blood orange, sweet oranges and variations of mandarine essential oil.


Remember what I said about certain essential oils triggering memories? Stop and think about this for a moment. Most of us associate citrus fruits with Christmas - a happy time of the year for most of us.


Vanilla is also a sweet essential oil. Needless to say, we associate vanilla with baking and eating sweet treats.


Benzoin is a super sweet smell. Strictly speaking, it is not an essential oil. It is a resin derived from a family of trees called Styrax. The flowers on Styrax trees such as Styrax japonica give off the sweetest scent.


As the trees flower, the resin is released. If you encounter a flowering Styrax, you can immediately identify the familiar smell of benzoin.


Honey and caramel are two other sweet notes you find in perfumes. You may also notice pralines and coconut mentioned on product description labels.


Now, that we have cleared that up, let’s look at what occasions are right for sweet-smelling perfumes.


Also, are sweet-smelling perfumes right for all age groups? Not all of them are, I will let you know which ones are suitable for more mature ladies.


When Should I Wear A Sweet Perfume?


The best time of the year to wear sweet perfumes is during cooler periods including autumn, winter and early spring.


Summer does not really do sweet perfumes justice. Most of them smell overpoweringly sweet in hot weather.


Autumn with its rich natural notes of leaf mould is the best time to turn to sweet perfumes. They also work well in winter and the early months of spring.


Should you wear sweet perfumes in late spring? Maybe not. Spring air is often filled with natural sweet scents which means your perfume will get lost.


What Occasions Are Sweet Perfumes Right For?


That’s a good question.


I think sweet perfumes are great for formal occasions and family gatherings. They offer a certain kind of softness that you don’t get when you wear oriental perfumes.


Of course, there are sweet perfumes that work well for nights out and dates. Look for perfumes with oriental and darker notes including patchouli.


Sweet smells are great for dinner parties and going out for dinner with a partner on a casual basis.


Why Can’t I Smell My Sweet Perfume Any More?


I feel I need to cover this as I speak to many ladies who liked sweet perfumes when they were younger. As they age, they find they can’t smell or sweet smells simply do not agree with them. Many ladies who have gone through menopause claim sweet perfumes smell “sickly.”


This has to do with hormones. Declining oestrogen changes the way our skin reacts to perfumes and cosmetics and our sense of smell.


Perfumes that smelt great on you a few years ago may not work that well anymore. It is time to change your fragrance and body lotion.


The same concept applies to skincare and makeup. What worked a few years ago, probably doesn’t work anymore.


Ladies - don’t be disappointed - just change your fragrance and skincare routine. It will be okay.


Carry on reading. If you like sweet scents, I will indicate which of the 9 sweet smelling perfumes on my list will work well for you.


9 Amazing Sweet Perfumes


Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum


Number one on my list is Ariana Grande Cloud.


This fragrance is a cloud of sweetness with a few other notes thrown into the mix. It is a nice perfume which works well for dinner parties and general gatherings. Creme de coconut makes this fragrance feel dreamy. It floats in the air like a daydream or white fluffy clouds.


You soon pick up on notes of fresh pralines with vanilla overtones. Pear makes a soft opening statement followed by sharp lavender and hints of bergamot.


It is a nice perfume which works well for ladies up to the age of forty. I guess if you are an Ariana Grande fan, Cloud perfume is a must.


Cloud was released in 2018 and first launched in Canada and the US. Ariane Grande also has Ari and Candy. Both are sweet-smelling perfumes.


Mod is another perfume which falls under the Ariane Grande brand. Compared to the other two, it is slightly muskier.


Lancome La Vie Est Belle Eau de Parfum


La Vie Est Belle is a nice “sweetish” perfume for more mature and sophisticated ladies.


Among the sweetness of pralines and cotton candy, you can pick up on notes of patchouli and jasmine. They cut through the sweetness making this an excellent choice of fragrance for ladies of all ages.


Hints of orange blossom have been added making the perfume very “wearable” for a variety of occasions.


Thanks to its oriental notes, La Vie Est Belle offers excellent endurance and longevity.


I like this perfume. One of the reasons I do is because I know Lancome only uses the best natural ingredients when it comes to their fragrance collection, skincare and cosmetics.


Prada Candy Eau de Parfum


Once you smelt Prada Candy Eau de Parfum, you immediately recognise it.


Although there are some musky notes in its fragrance bouquet, it has to be said that this is a seriously sweet perfume.

What can you expect from Prada Candy? If you are into sweet perfumes, you are in Seventh Heaven from the first drop to the last.


Along with vanilla, benzoin and caramel make an appearance. It is a super sweet perfume which I think works well for a younger age range.


Variations of this perfume include Candy Gloss and Candy Sugar Pop.


More mature ladies who like the Prada brand should try Prada Paradoxe. This is a sexy perfume which works well for nights out and more refined occasions.


Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon Eau de Parfum


Before you pick up the bottle, you know this eau de parfum is going to be sweet and indulgent. Why else call a fragrance Bon Bon? Of course, a bonbon is a sweet chocolate-covered candy.


This fragrance has all the things lovers of sweet perfumes look for when choosing a perfume.


Caramel notes burst out of the bottle quickly followed by other sweet notes including orange and mandarin. It is a cloud of sweetness.


The sweet notes are slightly interrupted by blackcurrant, jasmine and hints of orange blossom.

But overall, this is a sweet fragrance which will delight you if you crave a sweet perfume.


Flowerbomb from Viktor and Rolf is a better choice for more mature and confident ladies.


Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Eau de Parfum


Although this fragrance offers strong hints of sweetness, you can say the sweet component is not overpowering.


Many still call this a sweet perfume. I would also call it floral. With its notes of peony and rose, it is an excellent choice for ladies of any age.


The addition of bergamot and white musk makes Absolutely Blooming refined and sophisticated. You wouldn’t expect anything else from Dior.


It is decadent and long-lasting, but unlike other decadent fragrances, it is well balanced. This is my overall takeaway on this lovely fragrance.


I think it makes an excellent daytime perfume which transitions well into the early evening.


Scandal Le Parfum Jean Paul Gaultier


Jean Paul is so cheeky! That goes for Scandal Le Parfum as well.


If you like honey, this is the perfume for you. Sweet honey are the first notes you encounter from Jean Paul on this occasion.


Let the scent develop slightly, and soon you pick up on gardenia. This is another sweet essential oil that you can’t mistake.


But, before you know it, Jean Paul gets a bit cheeky or scandalous as he may say. The finish is one of patchouli. As we all know, patchouli with its seductive qualities is anything but sweet.


I like this scent. Although it is sweet, I think it works well for ladies of almost any age. It seems that you either smell the sweetness or the oriental notes of patchouli.


One thing is for sure - the fragrance has excellent longevity.


Daisy Love Eau So Sweet Marc Jacobs


As the Perfume Price team will tell you, I am having a love affair with Marc Jacobs at the moment. Currently, you can find three Marc Jacobs fragrances in my collection. They include Daisy Love, Daisy Eau So Sunshine and Daisy Dream.


What does Daisy Love So Sweet smell like?


It is the fruity notes which make this fragrance sweet. But, the sweetness from the fruit does not overpower the range of notes you experience.

Muskier notes including wood and aromatics make up this fragrance bouquet. As always with Marc Jacobs, floral hints hide among the sweetness and musky tones.


Daisy Love is a wonderful fragrance with a lot to offer. If you like Marc Jacobs perfumes, I think this is a great purchase.


Valentino Born in Roma Donna Eau de Parfum


Looking for a truly feminine perfume? If so, I think this is one of the options you should consider.


Although it is feminine and sweet from the essential oils of vanilla, Born in Roma has a bit of attitude and street cred.


This fragrance captures what the modern woman is all about. Although she still delights in candle suppers and scented roses, she dares to be different.


This is exactly what Born in Roma offers you. Blackcurrant has been infused with vanilla which means the sweet accords do not over the wearer.


Mediterranean jasmine flowers mixed with woody notes and touches of bark add depth to the fragrance. It is a fragrance that works well at night thanks to its hidden depth and meaning.


A date night perfume? Yes, that would work for me.


My Way Intense Eau De Parfum by Armani


Madagascar vanilla gives My Way Intense its sweetness. But, just like Born in Roma, this is a fragrance with hidden meanings.


I have read reviews which claim this fragrance smells the same as Born in Roma. It does not.


You can say it is in the same genre, My Way Intense offers a different fragrance experience. Perhaps it has the same attitude to life.


First, you will be met by Indian tuberose quickly followed by orange blossom. Then, Armani surprises you with sandalwood before the fragrance takes a sweet turn.


Just like Born in Roma, you can say this is a new-age perfume suitable for women of all ages.

It is sophisticated and takes on any occasion by storm.


Yes, you will be noticed when you wear My Way Intense.


Final Thoughts


Sweet perfumes are great. It is great to have at least one in your collection.


As you have discovered, not all sweet perfumes let their sweetness overpower. Choose a truly sweet perfume such as Bon Bon. Alternatively, opt for one packed with surprises like Born in Roma and My Way Intense when feeling naughty but nice.


Sometimes, it is nice to dare to be different.















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