The Best Women's Fragrances For A Night Out

The Best Women's Fragrances For A Night Out

2 The Best Women’s Fragrances For a Night Out


Going on a night out with your girlfriends?


There is nothing like a night out with your friends or the favourite man in your life. Not only do you want to have the best outfit. But, you also want the best beauty essentials including make-up and perfume.


However, it is not always easy to match the occasion with the perfume.


For instance, when you are out for the night with a man, you may want to go for something slightly more demure such as Coco Mademoiselle. That being said, if you are planning on a night of seduction, try Dior Pure Poison instead. It is one of the most seductive scents that I know.


Daytime Vs Evening Wear


Should you wear the same perfume at night you wear during the day?


I am going to be completely honest.


I am not sure many daytime perfumes transition very well when it comes to a night out. Many of the fragrances we ladies like to wear during the daytime are fresher and more floral.


When you are going out at night, you really need to have a fragrance which gives you a little bit more “oomph” if you know what I mean.


When we go out at night, we often venture to more crowded places It can be a club or restaurant. The likelihood is that you find yourself mixing with others wearing richer, more intense fragrances.


Getting lost in this marvellous haven of scents and fragrances is easy. Floral and daytime perfume don’t fit in. Instead, it is better to have what I like to call evening or night perfumes.


A Few Simple Rules


I hold my hands up and confess I am a perfume addict. As the team at Perfume Price knows, there is nothing I like better than testing new fragrances and shopping around for new scents.


Instead of trying the latest technology, I am one of those girls who loves to try the latest fragrance.

When I worked full-time as a perfume adviser in a leading department store in London. I picked up a few simple rules that I still swear by. Let me share them with you.


Don’t only buy one fragrance for nighttime wear. These days, we go out more. Imagine finding yourself wearing the same fragrance you did on Friday as you did on Wednesday when you went out for drinks with the girls.


I update my fragrance range every three months. Okay, there are some essentials that I always keep in my fragrance cupboard.


Just like you may have a couple of daytime perfumes to choose between, you should aim to have at least two or three bottles of evening perfumes.


If you don’t go out a lot, you don’t have to buy large sizes. I think 50ml is the perfect size when you update your fragrance collection regularly.


Look after your scents. Remember that premium perfumes are made from natural essential oils. To ensure your perfume continues to deliver results store your perfumes at an ambient temperature.


The perfect temperature for your fragrances is room temperature. By the way girls, this applies to skincare and make-up as well. Just thought I would drop that in as it is another passion of mine.


Also, be careful with sunlight. Those pesky UV rays seriously damage the essential oils in your fragrance. Subsequently, it starts to deteriorate.


How Should I Apply My Perfume?


Ladies, please don’t spray your perfume on the front of your neck. It can lead to that nasty condition I call Crepey Neck.


I know so many ladies who do this and they shouldn’t. The skin on the front of your neck and upper chest area is sensitive. It is probably already exposed to polluted air and UV rays, so it is best not to challenge it further.


I often spray my perfume on my hair or dab behind the ears when I am in a seductive mood.


When you put an EDT or perfume on your hair, it continues to waft as your hair moves. When you are getting ready, put on your hair spray and then your fragrance.


A top tip is to buy a fragrance-free hair spray. I have rather unruly hair. Wella Wellaflex works for me.


Of course, you can dab it on your wrists. One problem with doing so is that you are probably the only one to smell it. Applying your fragrance to the back of your neck is a better idea. Along the back of the arms is not a bad idea - especially if you end up slow dancing.


During the night, your neck gets warm and your perfume continues releasing all those delicious essential oil fragrances.


Body Lotions and Gift Box Sets


If you have been reading the Perfume Price blog, you know I have a thing about gift box sets.


First, I think they are excellent value for money. When you buy a gift box set a body lotion is often included in the collection.


Body lotions in the same fragrance as your scent is the perfect solution for a night out. Apply as soon as you get out of the shower and your fragrance lasts all night. Also, look out for deodorants and body washes in the same fragrance. So worth it!


Okay, I think I have done enough talking. Let’s look at the best women’s fragrances for a night out.


The Best Women’s Fragrances For A Night Out



Armani Beauty Sì


Cate Blanchett teamed up with Armani and launched Si in 2013. It quickly became a star attraction in the perfume’s world and many women said yes to Armani Si.


What does Armani Si smell like? Okay, I know that this fragrance has a floral opening. What makes it work so well is that it finishes on darker musky notes. Hints of mandarin and vanilla ensure longevity making it a great choice for evening out.


Dior Pure Poison


This fragrance is sex-on-legs in a bottle. That sounds a bit of an unsophisticated way to describe a world-class perfume, but this is a truly seductive fragrance.


What does Dior Pure Poison smell like? The scent makes a bold opening statement with jasmine, bergamot, orange and mandarin. Let it develop and you pick up on seductive gardenia and luscious orange blossom. White amber, cedar, musk and sandalwood turn the scent into a must-have seduction scent.


Three of the most experienced noses in the industry co-created Poison. They did a fantastic job.







Givenchy Ange ou Démon


Feel a bit like a lady demon? In that case, this is the scent for you.


I don’t know why but this fragrance makes me think of Shania Twain’s hit I Feel Like A Woman.


What does Ange Ou Demon smell like? I love the oriental notes of this fragrance. The combination of tonka bean and vanilla is just divine.


It develops slowly offering you mandarin, white cumin, saffron and rosewood. A final flourish of oak moss adds interest and endurance.


When was it launched? Givenchy Ange Ou Deom was first launched in 2006. This is a fragrance which is going to remain a classic for a long time to come. It has had a few tweaks, but I believe it is one of the best date or girl’s night-out fragrances.


It deserves a place in your fragrance collection.


Tom Ford Black Orchid


I think the team behind Tom Ford creates great fragrances. For some reason, they are slightly overlooked. Black Orchid is one of my favourite scents from Tom Ford.


What does Black Orchid smell like? This fragrance collection is a rare one. If you are looking for a scent with a difference - this is the one for you.


Black Orchid makes an opening statement with Black truffles, bergamot and ylang-yang. Then, you get this wonderful waft of orchids combined with lotus flowers. This makes it one of the best oriental fragrances I have ever smelt. I simply love it.


Since it was launched back in 2006, it has become one of my go-to scents. As it is rich, it also makes an excellent perfume for holidays. You don’t need a lot to enjoy what it has to offer.



Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Intense


When it comes to fashion, I have to say Dolce and Gabbana is not one of my top choices. However, I love their perfumes and fragrances. It is one of those perfume brands which dares to be different.


Pour Femme Intense is an attractive fragrance which manages to combine mysticism with femininity. It is one of the few fragrances that pulls this off in the perfect combination.


I love the opening statement with neroli and green mandarin. This is backed up by orange blossom and tuberose. Then you have soft Marshmallow and deep Sandalwood.


Take a closer look, and you see the scent offers a combination of deepness and sweetness at every stage.



Prada Paradoxe Eau de Parfum


Paradoxe is a recent addition the Prada’s excellent range of fragrances. It is a best-selling fragrance on the Continent and deserves a higher status in the UK.


I think the first waft of Paradoxe is a bit like opening a bottle of champagne. It fizzes out of the bottle.


What does Paradoxde smell like? The essence of pears mixed with tangerine is the first accord to hit your senses. This is followed by creamy exotic neroli and a rather zesty bergamot.


I don’t know what kind of bergamot Prada used, but it seems to have a fresh edge. I suspect it may be lemon bergamot which is well known for its enduring fragrance.


Chanel Coco Mademoiselle


Hey girls, please don’t forget about Coco Mademoiselle. I know you think it is a daytime perfume but it does work well at night. It is great for romantic dates or when you want to head out with the girls with no other intentions in mind.


What does Chanel Coco Mademoiselle smell like?


Once again, I suspect lemon bergamot has been added for freshness. Jasmine and Rose reign supreme in the middle range.

What makes it a great perfume for a night out with the girls? The geniuses at Chanel have added patchouli and vetiver. That is what makes it a great perfume for nights out.






Gucci Guilty Pour Femme


Why are you feeling guilty? This fragrance is such a pleasure from start to finish.


Aurelien Guichard created this seductive and mystic scent in 2010. Guilty makes a surprising and spicy opening statement with pink pepper, mandarins and a touch of bergamot.


In the middle, you find the heady notes of lilac backed up by peach sweetness, geranium, black currant and a hint of jasmine.


Patchouli, amber, vanilla and white mush make this fragrance naughty but nice. A great fragrance for a party with lots of people or a night out.


Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum


How do you feel about Viktor and Rolf? Have you tried a fragrance from this brand yet?


I must admit I have been a latecomer to Viktor and Rolf. But, since I discovered the brand, I have fallen in love with what the brand offers.


The clothes are avant-garde but let’s not worry about those - the perfumes are not.


Although the brand has been around since 1993, Viktor and Rolf did not launch their first fragrance until 2005. That fragrance was Flowerbomb.


What does Flowerbomb eau de parfum smell like?


This fragrance is a whirlwind opening with cattleya which is an orchid. This is followed by rose and jasmine. Once the fragrance opens up, you also pick up sensual notes of patchouli, vanilla and beautiful velvety rose petals.


Don’t cross this scent off your list. I think it is interesting and offers fantastic longevity. Thanks to the addition of patchouli, men experience it as slightly sexy.


Did you know patchouli is a big turn-on for most men?


Let’s Wrap it Up



Don’t forget what I said about having a couple of different night-out women’s fragrances. I often go for a slightly floral one and a more sexy seductive scent for other occasions.


When it comes to fragrances, it is all about capturing YOUR mood of the night. You can do this with any of the scents on this list.


















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