The Best Men's Fragrances For a Night Out

The Best Men's Fragrances For a Night Out

1 The Best Men’s Night Out Fragrances


Planning a special night out? If so, you have landed on the right page. Let us help you to navigate the jungle of men’s fragrances.


Before we look at what I think are the best men’s fragrances for a night out, let me give you some general buying advice. It is always good to know what to look out for.


Also, it is easy to make mistakes when buying a fragrance. I am happy to guide you in the right direction.


What’s The Occasion?


Is a date night fragrance the same as a night out fragrance? Not necessarily.


When I worked as an active seller in a large department store in London, I asked gents looking for a fragrance if they were going out on a date or “on the pull” as so many of my regular clients used to say.


Maybe you are heading out with the lads for a few drinks after work. In my book, this qualifies as a men’s night out as well.


There is a distinct difference. If you are going out on a date night with your partner, you may want to aim for a slightly more romantic fragrance.

When heading out for a night out “on the pull” you should probably aim for a sexier, more intense fragrance.


Going out for drinks after work could mean just topping up your daytime fragrance. There are many fragrances which transition well between day and night.


Do’s and Don’ts


Should you wear your daytime fragrance? If it is a fragrance which transitions well, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. But, as a general rule, I think it is a good idea to have at least a couple of men’s fragrances on standby for nights out.


No matter if you are heading for a restaurant, pub or special event, you will find that most men have made a special effort. This often means splashing out a more intense men’s fragrance.


This is a great idea. When all of those different fragrances start to intermingle, standing out in a crowd quickly becomes more challenging.


Go for a more intense fragrance. If you have read my other blog posts, you know that I advocate buying box sets if you can. Most box sets come complete with a fragrance, body wash and deodorant. You may find a smaller-size fragrance in the box set. I like to call them “mini-me’s.”


Smaller-size fragrance bottles are great for putting in your man's bag or coat pocket. That way, you can top up your fragrance should you need to.


Should you wear the same fragrance every time you go out? It is a good idea to have a couple of different fragrances. It is easy to get bored with a fragrance. Instead of buying one large bottle, aim to buy at least two smaller ones.


Not only can you wear a different fragrance, but your fragrance is less likely to lose its scent qualities. Just like the milk in your fridge, quality men’s fragrances have a better before date.


Quality fragrances are rich in natural essential oils. They stay fresh for several months but will lose some of their more delicate nuances over time. As the blend it is ultimately the total fragrance experience, your scent can start smelling different after a couple of months.


Try to follow the less is more rule. Instead of buying a large size, buy a smaller size and update the fragrance shelf in your bathroom every three months or so.


Splashing It On? Yes or No?


It is tempting to splash a fragrance on. But, there is a risk when it comes to doing so. You can easily overwhelm a room.


When your body starts to heat up, quality fragrances intensify and start releasing more of their “bouquet.” You really don’t want your mates to take the mickey out of you for overdoing your scent.


You want to come across as smooth, suave, and sophisticated. By the way, the ladies don’t like it when men overdo fragrances. It is a major red flag. Here’s how we think - is he trying to cover up his BO?


Instead, try to dab it on where you know it matters. Feel free to apply fragrance to your hair or beard if you like. A couple of drops on the cheeks is a good idea and maybe behind your ears in case you need to go in for unexpected close encounters.


Whatever you do, don’t add a generous amount to your hand and then splash it on. This is a sure way of overdoing it. You even risk causing skin irritations.


Must-Have Men’s Night Out Fragrances


Are there men’s fragrances that work better than others? Yes, there are. We are taking a look at the best ones. I guess you can say they are must-haves. You should have at least one of them sitting on your bathroom shelf.


La Nuit De L’Homme


What does La Nuit de l Homme mean? It means the night of the man. This is a strict translation of this masculine fragrance’s name. A more meaningful translation could be for men only.


This is a very masculine fragrance - not the sort of scent you catch your girlfriend or partner “borrowing.”


How does La Nuit de l Homme smell? You can call this a very vibrant fragrance. La Nuit from YSL fills the night air with notes of cardamom and cedar. This is set against a backdrop of bergamot and just a hint of lavender for added depth.


It carries its sensual notes well and has longevity. This is what makes a great fragrance for a men’s night out.


Armani Code


To many men, Armani Code is a trusted faithful friend. When first launched in 2004, it quickly made a name for itself as a sexy men’s fragrance.


I have to say it has not lost its touch. This fragrance remains both sexy and masculine. It holds its own despite many perfume releases for men.


With its notes of tobacco and leather, it is a great scent for when you are going out in the evening. It also works well as a date night fragrance thanks to Tonka bean's softness and olive blossom's warmth.


Lemon boosts its endurance and bergamot ensures longevity. Woody notes from Guaiac add a nice touch and elevate the scent.


Dior Sauvage Parfum


This is another must-have. Thankfully, Dior has expanded the Sauvage range offering you more choice. You can go for the EDT, but if you are going out for the night, Dior Sauvage Parfum is a better choice.


What does Sauvage Parfum smell like? The perfume is the big boys’ version of the Eau de Toilette. If you are looking for intensity and all-night endurance, Sauvage is an excellent choice.


Just like other perfumes, this is the more concentrated and adult offering. Patchouli and exotic pepper make an appearance. This is quickly followed by geranium, lavender notes and vetiver.

A final flourish of labdanum, ambroxan and cedar add masculine character and depth.


It is a warm fragrance which lasts for hours. As it is slightly more complex, it is a good idea to apply Sauvage when you come out of the shower. That way, your skin soaks up more of those sexy essential oils.


Dior Homme Intense


I would not be doing my job if I did not mention another Dior men’s fragrance.


Dior Homme Intense is a fantastic scent released by this premier fragrance brand in



Does Dior Homme Intense last the night? Yes, it does and here’s why.


Thanks to its unique combination of floral and woody notes, this fragrance continues to deliver throughout the night. You get a hint of lavender and lavender which soon gives way to velvety amber and luxurious cedar wood.


This is a grown-up sophisticated and elegant scent. Not the sort of men’s fragrance you wear when going out clubbing or to the pub unless you are on the lookout for a sophisticated girl.



Versace’s The Dreamer


Hey, have you heard of Versace The Dreamer? Many men missed out on the release of this fragrance. What a shame!


Versace The Dreamer is a fantastic fragrance for a night out. Maybe it has been slightly sidelined since it was first launched in 1996. Forget about the launch date - this is a great men’s fragrance. Well worthy of a space in your bathroom cabinet.


What does it smell like? And can you say this is a dreamy fragrance? I guess you can say that it is a dreamy and slightly Cloud Nine fragrance.


Versace has managed the floating and slightly creamy notes of iris flowers. Lily has been added for extra interest.


Hints of juniper give the fragrance a slightly powdery quality. Is Versace The Dreamer masculine?


Yes, it is. Let it fully develop and you discover tobacco and spicy, sassy tarragon nuances. A great fragrance which has stood the test of time. Please don’t underestimate this Dreamer.


I promise you it is appreciated by many women. And yes, it is sexy. You kind of want to drink it in. It makes me want to go mmm..mmm and start licking my lips.


Tom Ford Noir Extreme


Extreme and intense are two words that often pop up when it comes to the best men’s night-out fragrances.


We have done the intense so let's move on to the extreme.


This is a men’s fragrance created by a woman. Sonia Constant is an amazing perfumier and one of the best “noses” in the business. She clearly knew what she was doing when she created Noir Extreme - Extreme Night For Men.


The first notes to present themselves are nutmeg, cardamom and saffron. For freshness, you can rely on mandarins and neroli. Then you get a blast of rose, mastic and kulfi. Suddenly, jasmine and orange blossoms make an appearance.


The final explosion comes from amber, vanilla, wood and sandalwood highlights.


It is an extreme combination, but it does work well.


By the way, kulfi is a creamy fragrance which is slightly spicy. Mastic is an oily substance which naturally increases the longevity of more sophisticated blended fragrances. Just didn’t want to blind you with science.


Noir Extreme is a great scent when you like more exclusive and rare men’s fragrances.


Acqua di Giò Profumo Giorgio Armani


Many men would call Acqua di Giò Profumo by Giorgio Armani an old friend.


When it comes to men’s fragrances, the fragrance isn’t old. It was launched in 2015. Thanks to a fantastic advertising campaign with regular TV ads, it quickly became a go-to fragrance for men.


Is it still relevant? Yes, it certainly is a great perfume.


What does Acqua di Giò Profumo smell like?


This is the only fragrance on this list which has aquatic notes. I thought I would add it because I know many men like fresh aquatic scents. And yes, it does work well during the evening as it offers a broad spectrum of notes.


You can say masculine notes of bergamot hold this fragrance together. Among the bergamot notes, you will find other masculine tones such as patchouli, dark geranium and rosemary. A final flourish of sage and incense makes this scent stand out.


A very sexy scent with many notes deep notes great for endurance and longevity.



The Final Flourish


You have a great choice of men’s night-out fragrances on this list. However, I would like to point out one more thing.


I don’t want to nag, but remember what I said. It is best to have more than one night out fragrance on your bathroom shelf. You don’t want your mates or that special someone in your life to think you have limited scope.


Be daring and add more than one of these premier fragrances on this list to your “night out” perfume collection.

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