Britney Spears
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Britney Spears Perfumes

The transition from popstar to fragrance star isn’t always an easy one. 

Some who make the transition, like Cher, struggle to get cut through and mass approval. Others like Britney Spears crushed it, successfully converting albums and tour sales into fragrance sales. 

Much like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Beyonce, Britney Spears has managed to produce perfumes at an incredibly frequent rate, in fact, she’s released more than any of her pop rivals – 23 in total.

Also like the others, Britney Spears targets the younger perfume consumer with colourful fragrances and bright packaging. 

Her first perfume was Curious (released by Elizabeth Arden); a pear and lotus mix that was sweet and sophisticated. Britney Spears Curious was a massive triumph and is still ranked by critics as her best fragrance. Many of the same critics are predicting that Curious will eventually enjoy a resurgence when the noughties become cool again.

In addition to Curious, Spears has churned out Believe, Fantasy, Island, Private Show, Radiance and many more. Perhaps the most well-known two are Circus, taking the name of her sixth album and Prerogative, a unisex fragrance that set a new standard in genderless perfumes. 

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