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Ed Hardy Perfumes

The Ed Hardy brand is based on the famous tattoo art of Southern Californian artist Don Ed Hardy. The brand was made popular by French designer Christian Audigier (of Von Dutch experience) who licensed the Ed Hardy designs and created an incredible following. Mainly using celebrities to help get attention for the brand (perhaps the most successful early use of influencers). 

A-listers like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake an Ashton Kutcher proudly wore their Ed Hardy tees and helped the brand sell millions worldwide. With their help, the brand was able to move into fragrance, releasing Ed Hardy Eau De Parfum for women and Ed Hardy Eau De Toilette for men in 2008. The releases were fruity, flirty and fun; characteristics that were later personified in the Love Is release in 2014 – a fragrance critics described as symbolising ‘that moment when your young and bubbling with sexual energy’. 

The Ed Hardy perfume bottles are relatively understated for a brand who’s calling card was bright colours, busy tattoo designs and beautiful typography, with most fragrances housed in transparent bottles with minimal use of thestuff skull, heart and animal art that is synonymous with the brand.  

The Ed Hardy original perfume s and the contemporary body lotions, facial mists and deodorantsnow continues the legacy of Audigier, who passed away in 2015 from a rare cancer at the age of 57. 

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