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Guy Laroche Perfumes

Former hat-maker Guy Laroche opened his fashion house in 1957, after realising his passion was in ready-to-wear clothing and modern manufacturing.  After studying the later in the US, Laroche returned to Paris to open his label that was instantly popular.

Success in women’s fashion, was followed by menswear and finally, fragrances. Fidji for women was first in 1966, a light, floral and sunny fragrance, and then came the Drakkar release for men in 1972 with leather, oakmoss, lavender and lemon notes.

As popular as Guy Laroche Drakkar was it was quickly superseded by the more popular Drakkar Noir which was released ten years later in 1982. 

The beauty of Guy Laroche perfumes and colognes is the way that they hold their own in modern times, despite being relatively old-fashioned in their spice blend. The sheer number of annual sales is testament to the fact that Guy Laroche fragrances are the perfect mix of traditional sophistication with modern freshness. 

After Fidiji and Drakkar, Guy Laroche released more perfumes including J'ai Osé, Clandestine, Horizon and Drakkar Dynamik. But it’s still Fidiji and Drakkar Noir that are the most sought after fragrances. 

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