Justin Bieber
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Justin Bieber Perfumes

When the number of time your YouTube videos have been viewed totals 10 billion, you know you have an engaged audience. That’s exactly what Justin Bieber had when he became the first artist to have five videos exceeding one billion views. He had a legion of young fans desperate to get a piece of him, so what better way to offer it, than with a fragrance. 

In 2011, the singing superstar and worldwide heartthrob launched Superstar. A scent perfect for young women with its berry and peer combination; candy-like even featuring energy and passion. 

Justin Bieber called in the heavyweights to help with Someday. Honorine Blanc provided the nose and photographer Terry Richardson assisted with the marketing. A move that was rewarded with strong sales and reviews.

Following Justin Bieber Someday, came Justin Bieber Girlfriend, Justin Bieber Next Girlfriend and Justin Bieber The Key. The pop singer and his fragrance partner Revlon are yet to release a fragrance for his male fans.

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