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Katy Perry Perfumes

While her single ‘I Kissed a Girl’ gives a different impression, singer and songwriter Katy Perry actually got her start singing gospel. The upbringing was a total juxtaposition of her sexually confident stage persona and it resonated well with her audience. Remarkably, her album Teenage Dream tied the record for number one singles from any album with none other than the King of Pop himself. 

So what does that make Katy Perry? The Queen of Pop most likely (certainly at the time). It’s no surprise then that Katy Perry’s best-selling perfume is named Killer Queen.

Katy Perry’s Killer Queen wasn’t her first effort however, the 2010 launch of Purr was cute and rebellious and was followed by the equally cat-themed and risqué, Meow. 

Empowering women was at the heart of all of the Katy Perry perfume range, and was evident in the distinctive bottle shapes and bold advertising. Katy Perry continued to work with perfumer Laurent Le Guernec to create Katy Perry Mad Love, Katy Perry Mad Potion and Katy Perry Royal Revolution. 

What do most reviews of Katy Perry perfume say? Strong, sexy and sophisticated. Exactly as you’d expect and exactly what Katy Perry would’ve hoped for.   

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