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Sarah Jessica Parker Perfumes

Carrie Bradshaw knew a thing or two about style. Living and working in New York and making it to all the city’s best parties does that to you. And despite an unhealthy obsession with shoes and an older man, the Sex and the City character’s style obviously rubbed off on the actress that played her. 

Sarah Jessica Parker led the show, but since the heyday of Sex and the City, she’s now better known for her hugely popular book club and her fragrance range.

She entered fragrance in 2005, with Lovely and earned the respect of perfume professionals, journalists and bloggers straight away. It would have been easier for the pundits to criticise Sarah Jessica Parker because of the headstart her acting career gave her, but instead they recognised her talent. 

They also loved the way she built on previous releases with fresh adaptations. SJP has done this for almost every single one of her fragrances. Lovely was complemented with Lovely Sheer. SJP NYC found a partner in SJP NYC Pure Crush. Stash perfume was updated with Stash Unspoken and Covet had three matching fragrances – Twilight, Dawn and Endless. 

Sarah Jessica Parker clearly has a nose for perfume and continues to innovate with breath-taking and modern fragrances.

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