Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift Perfumes

Country music starlet, Taylor Swift, is another in the long line of popstars turned fragrance designers. Only for Swift, she has an unfair advantage thanks to the legion of young ‘Swiftie’ mega fans, who help her market her range of fragrances in an underserved niche. 

The 28 year old Swift, burst on to the music scene with sweet country ballads, before maturing and destroying ex-boyfriend’s in angry, witty pop hits. As her fans soared, Elizabeth Arden approached Swift to release all-day perfumes for the youth market. 

Wonderstruck was the first, hitting the shelves in 2011. The name of the Taylor Swift perfume came from her song Enchanted, and also inspired the second Wonderstuck perfume, Wonderstuck Enchanted. 

Taylor Swift perfumes are refreshing, fruity and light. Hints of apricot, magnolia, orchid and vanilla pair beautifully in delicate yet unforgettable scents. Perfectly reflecting the tagline of Taylor Swift fragrances – ‘the beginning of something magical’.

Taylor Swift has gone on to release more perfumes including Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume and Incredible Things. 

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